Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kalahari 2016

We decided to head back to Kalahari for our Winter get away this Feb.  We had a great time and the kids LOVED it!  Silas had a blast walking down all the hallways.  He got good at walking while there with all the practice!!!  We are thankful for time away together as a family. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Feb. 2016 Recap

The kids trying to sled with not much snow!!!
 She is my first to cut her own hair.  I should have know it would be her!!!
 He is enjoying walking all around!!!
 Sledding at G'ma and G'pa's

 My two buddies while the other two are at school!
 I got to go to the kids school for their Valentine parties.  Love seeing them at school!

 My parents threw and adult only party (but our kids got to come because, you know we don't leave them right now!!!).  It was so fun and beautiful and special!!!

Valentine's Day/my Birthday was a little hard this year.  I sort of had an emotional day because Dustin was hurt, he threw out his back, so I did church alone and it was hard.  Then it was just a typical day and typical days right now are not easy.  Dustin did have it planned to take me out to dinner but I fought him because he could barely stand up.  But we did go and had a lovely time!  It is a special day for us because our first date was when I turned 16!!!  So this was 16 years of dating on Valentine's Day!  Thankful my parents would take the kids for a few hours.  

 We took a trip to Kalahari in WI Dells and the next day we came back and headed to Children's to get a trial pump on Selah.  She did great and was such a trouper!!!  
 Boys doing what they do!!!
 And the stomach flu hit us all, except Silas!

You and Me

January 2016 has us: hanging in there.  We love each other well, and you are the nicest person I know.  But our time is little and the exhaustion is big time.  Nana is our only person trained in Diabetes so when we can we drop the kids off at my parents place in Stillwater and eat at our favorite spot, Lolo's.  Or else we date on the couch to our favorite show on the computer after the kids all go to sleep.  I think we are a good team.  The Lord has been kind and merciful to us.  Through this difficult year we have fallen more in love and have worked on being patient with each other.  You started praying for our marriage in the hospital when Silas got sick.  You knew it would take a tole on us and you were determined to fight for us.  Thank you for fighting and praying.  I love you more than ever. 

Soren John

You are 8!  You don't like a lot of pictures taken of you right now so that is why you only have 1 on this page!  You are so handsome!  You are loving school.  You love seeing your friends everyday and the adjustment to public school vs. homeschooling has gone well.  You love it.  We are working extra at home to catch up a bit from the past Spring but you love going and seeing all the kids!  I didn't realize what a people person you were!!!  You love having a brother too!  You spend most your time playing with Maeta but you look after your little brother with a fondness!  You are a great oldest child and we pray you will grow in your faith this year.  We love you Soren!

Maeta Sharon

You have grown in amazing ways this year.  You have so much empathy for those going through hard things and you want to help. You love playing doctor, watching anything medical, and learning about needles!  You say you want to be a doctor when you grow up.  You are a wonderful encourager and cheerleader for Selah and Silas through their medical journey.  You help whenever you seen the need and you are joy in our house.  You work sooooo hard at school and are ranked #1 in your class.  You are competitive and smart.  WE love you and you are such a blessing as a 6 year old!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Selah Leone: 3 and 3/4 years old

Selah Leone.  You are beautiful.  You are passionate.  You are brave.  You are tough.  You are loved by the King.  You are loved by your mama and daddy.  You are precious to us and we feel so honored the Lord would give you to us to shepherd and care for you.  
You have been through a lot of hard things this year.  A lot of not feeling good, pricks, needles, and unknowns.  You have had to trust us and the Lord.  You deal with the yucky feelings of going from high highs to lows.  You deal with stomach aches and food intolerances.  You don't get to eat everything you want and that seems unfair to you.  You are gluten free and dairy free and limited sugar.  You have to take a lot of yucky supplements.  That is hard for a 3 year old.  But we keep fighting and trying and hugging and praying because we care so deeply for you and you care deeply for us.  You sleep with us because we want to make sure you are ok during the night.  I get up to check you multiple times a night because Diabetes isn't always a sure thing.  Sometimes you can be at a great blood sugar number and not eating anything and still go high or drop low.  I have to daily and nightly surrender you to our Creator and trust that He loves you even more than I know how to. 
You are not defined by diabetes.  You are a child of the King and we love you so much!