Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thanksgiving and Best Day Ever and Birthdays!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I was a bit emotional this Thanksgiving as I think of all the Lord has done this year.  Its been hard.  But He has been there and has been so good.  The Lord is at work and we are so thankful for that.  We enjoyed a wonderful day at the Krech home together.  Praise the Lord.
Another "Best Day Ever" is in the books.  We got out for a bit with just the girls and it was nice.  
 Sledding at Nana and Papas.

 Celebrating Soren and Silas birthdays.  Two very special little boys!

 These brothers are so precious.

 And Christmas jimmies.  We found out today that we aren't just getting one more little one next year but two!!!  Courtney and Luke are expecting again too along with Sam and Brent.  They are three weeks apart!


Soren is 8

I snapped this picture on the Eve of Soren's birthday and it is sooooo special to me.  One year ago on this night we were at the hospital thinking Silas was going to be born!  We thought the boys would share a birthday.  But I was sent home to labor on and off for 10 more days!  But I got to be home in time for Soren's birthday which was nice!  

Soren you are so special to daddy and I.  Such a precious boy.  You are so kind and gentle.  You love well and are a great example for your younger siblings.  I remember when you were born and thinking, this feels so right.  I have never done anything in life that felt more right than staying home with you every day being your mama!  I feel so honored that the Lord would give me such an important job.  I love you Soren.  Happy birthday!