Friday, May 13, 2016

November (wait did that happen?)

The month of November felt a little bit like, "Really?  How do I add more to already feeling underwater??  Oh yeah, GOD!  I can't do this, but You can Lord.  I'm desperate and You are here.  Thank you."  When we got Selah's diagnosis I was still feeling the weight of Silas's diagnosis, even though he was doing well.  I already felt that I wasn't able to manage everything.  AND NOW THIS?!?!  But I was't too emotional about it.  It took my eyes off Silas a bit because Diabetes takes a lot of focus while learning.  We started working hard right of the bat.  We were going multiple times to Champlin to our natural path doctor to laser Selah's pancreas.  We cut out dairy on top of gluten.  And tried to greatly limit sugar.  She was on many supplements along with Silas's regime.  I felt like I was always crushing vitamins, making special food, and checking blood sugar.  Oh and, Silas decided that 4:30 am was his new wake up time this month.  I am SO TIRED.  But I was so thankful that I am the one who gets to be home doing this.  Thankful, but really having a hard time!

We tried to continue life as normalish and press on!   

Type 1 Diabetes

Selah had a change of personality around March of this year.  She was not gaining weight, not eating much, anxious, and struggled with behavior.  I got her tested for celiac disease which came back negative but we still had her on the gluten free diet just incase.  We took out food dye and tried to limit sugar.  Nothing helped.  She look frail and weak and I felt something was wrong but the doctors and I couldn't figure it out.  Then she got a sore throat.  We all did.  It went away and didn't even need a doctor visit.  But she couldn't stop drinking.  She drank sooooo much and peed sooooo much.  It got to the point that I couldn't drive to the kids school without her needing to use the bathroom.  On Monday I googled, "why does my 3 year old pee so much?"  Diabetes popped up.  I said to Dustin, "Selah could have diabetes could she?"  We both thought no but knew something was off in her body.  Tuesday I called the doctor and they said to just wait until Silas's appointment the following day.  They sort of thought I was crazy.  Wednesday we went to Dr. Brist and he didn't think she had it but told me to get her tested.  Later that day Silas had an appointment with our pediatrician so I brought Selah into the bathroom and had her pee in a cup.  Then caught a nurse and asked her to run a diabetes test quick on it.  I thought if I made a big deal about it they would brush it off.  During our appointment for Silas a nurse knocked on the door and showed Dr. Mary and slip of paper.  Dr dropped her head into her hands and told me I needed to take Selah right to the ER at Children's.  Her numbers were off their chart.  She felt so bad knowing all we had just been through with Silas.  
So we went home, grabbed a bad, got the kids out of school and headed to Children's were my mom picked the kids up and we stayed with Selah.  Selah was such  trooper but was starving (we found out she literally was starving and had been for a while).  Tests showed it was diabetes and we would have to stay for a few days to get her numbers down and be trained.  

 Once we got admitted to our room and got Selah some food with Insulin she started feeling much better and was actually having some fun!  Dustin was super dad and stayed with her at night so I could go home and get Silas's medicine and formula made.  The two of them had a very special time together.  Fond memories were made!
 The next day was packed with training.  My parents were so nice and took work off to help us.
 Sweet Soren and Maeta were a bit shaken up having another sibling in the hospital.  They took the day off school and spent it at the hospital being trained as well and playing in the kids zone!  I think they all had a good time!!!

Although this isn't what we want for our sweet three year old Selah, we are relieved that there is treatment and help for her to feel better.  We are thankful for the knowledge there is in diabetes.  Praise the Lord for helping us through this.  It is A LOT to learn and intimidating that there will never be a break from this unless the Lord heals.  But we trust that even this is for our good and Selah's good.  Trusting Him.

Apple Orchard and Maeta's Field Trip

 Alicia and I took our gang to the Apple Orchard on a beautiful October day!!!  We had a great time!

 Maeta had a field trip at school and the little two and I met her class at the Pumpkin Patch for a hay ride!  Selah was having a really hard day, she was sooooooooooo thirsty and had to keep peeing.  I had to let her go potty right in the corn field!  But we had fun being there with Maeta!