Thursday, March 3, 2016

Silas's Dedication and Maeta's party

What a special day it was to dedicate Silas at our church today.  These people have prayed so hard for our sweet Silas.  It was fun to get to sand up in front of them and let everyone see him.  We also found the meaning of Dedicating Silas to the Lord a bit more precious as we have literally given Silas to our Father and trusted the Lord's Will over his life.  Many times throughout the hard months of Silas's seizures we asked the Lord to take this cup from him.  But even more we asked for the Lord's Will to be done.  This is a surrender of our son to our Father who loves him even more than we know how to.  
We were suppose to dedicate  Silas on Mother's day but we were in the Hospital.  Back then they still announced Silas during the dedication and asked for everyone to be praying for Silas.  They praised God that He was stronger than Infantile Spasms.  Today they recognized the healing the Lord has done!!!  We rejoice!

 After church we had our families over to celebrate Silas, Maeta and Lucy!
Nana made them a horse themed cake!

Our hearts are grateful!

Maeta is 6

Maeta you are 6!!!!  I can't believe it!  You have done a lot of growing up this year.  You are a rock in the child department!!!  Always helpful and a good leader.  You are Soren's side kick, mommy's friend, Daddy's playmate, Selah's hero, and Silas's prayer warrior!  We love you.  You keep laughter a constant in our home.  And Silliness.  And you always fight for what you believe to be right.  You are very determined and very empathetic.  You care so deeply.  You went through a lot this year when Silas got sick.  You prayed so hard for him, on your knees, hand on him.  You got very attached to mommy through that time.  It was hard on you when I was in the hospital with him for 8 days.  You were so happy to have us home!  I am so grateful the Lord gave you to us.  He is such a good Father and you are such a blessing to us!  We love you Maeta!  We celebrate your life!

Twins game!

I weened Silas this week and after that he finally takes a bottle!!!!!!  We were thrilled because this means we can go on a date for more than 2 hours!!!  So Dustin took me to the Twins game and we had a wonderful time!

Picture Day!!!

I made sure to grab a picture at home before sending them to Picture Day at school just incase the school ones didn't turn out!!!  They are the cutest little 2nd grader and Kindergartener I ever saw!

A birthday date for the girls!

Lucy and Maeta love planning how they are going to celebrate their birthdays together!  This year Lucy turned 7 and Maeta turned 6.  They are both the sweetest little ladies and I love every minute I get with them.  They are pure joy and laugh the whole time together.  I love this age.  Alicia and I took "just them" out to dinner and the mall.  Nana met us for dinner!  We went to the Olive Garden and they got to get Raspberry Lemonade which was a huge treat!

Such a blessed night!  Thank you Lord for these little girls.

Daddy's Birthday! He's 33!

We love celebrating our daddy!!!  We enjoyed a weekend celebration at the Williams house for Dustin and Nikki!  The kids had fun being together!  

These two are so cute!!!  So quiet right now!  But I'm guessing not for long!
The kids laughed so hard riding this jeep.  Ava was a crazy driver!
Love this picture of Maeta getting run over!  And Alyse in the background!

On Daddy's real birthday the kids went to school, daddy to work, and Selah and I planned the celebration ALL DAY while we waited for them to get home.  She picked out a present, balloons, decorated the house, made a cake and dinner with me!  We were exhausted before the party even began!
Daddy came home for about 5 min. for the celebration before running off to play baseball with his Brother in laws!  

WE love you honey!