Thursday, February 18, 2016

Infantile Spasms Update

Praise the Lord for the healing He has done!!!  On September 21, 2015 Silas had an EEG and it was the first time we heard the words, "It is Normal!"  We are so thankful and celebrated briefly before they reminded us that this is Great news but it doesn't mean it's the end.  They want him to continue on the full doses of both medications.  Hopefully we will cut Clonazapam in half in January.  We will most likely continue Keppra for a few years.  

We are also continuing to see Dr. Brist our Natural Doctor about once a week to work on gut health and overall health for Silas.  We have done two parasite cleanses and have him gluten free and dairy free.  He is also on L-glutamin, NAC-600, Brain Protect, fish oil daily and his high fat formula I make!  I am nursing still so I syringe the formula with all these supplements into him a few times a day.  I also follow this diet so he doesn't get harmful things to him through my breast milk.

We know that the Lord has been so merciful to heal Silas in the ways He alone has and we know that Silas's future is in the hands of the Lord.  We don't know his future but we are trying to Trust Him and have peace knowing He is in control.  He is a good good Father and whatever He asks us the walk through He will be there with a purpose holding and leading us every step.  Today we are so very thankful that Silas's Brain Waves are NORMAL!

The EEG was harder because he was older and much more opinionated about them scratching and poking his head!  He didn't like it one bit but went to sleep perfectly once it was on!  
 We have prayed so hard over you sweet boy!
 The cutest patient there ever has been!

We went to lunch with Nana while we waited for the results and our meeting with the doctor.

 So happy to be done and have great results!
We continue to pray for blessings upon Silas and the Lord to be glorified in and through his life!

September Randoms

The kids get home from school and we spend the rest of the day playing outside.  The kids all hope that Bella and Devin will be out too!  

 Silas taking big boy baths now!
 My afternoon baking buddy!
 Coffee thief!
 They usually come up with some sort of play before school!

 Kissing under the Blood Moon (can't see it in the picture!)

 I adore these crazies!

Bon Fire Season

We have the perfect little Bon Fire space in our backyard.  We love having bon fires!  Daddy usually makes one after dinner and we finish the night off out there by the flames roasting us some Smores!

Time with the Littles

We miss our big kids so much, but we are enjoying our days doing things with the Littles.  The last two years have been a challenge trying to mix Big kid/Little kid activities and adding in school to the mix.  I felt like I wasn't getting much time "on the floor" playing with my littles.  So we are trying to do a lot of that now that the big kids are in school.  These sweet little two have melted my heart.  I'm thankful for this time with them while they're little.  And I miss my big kids soooooo much! 

These two really are buddies!

 We are also enjoying our playdates with Finn and Lena.  
 Beautiful days reading books in the grass and sun!
 I also cuddle this one A LOT!

Fall Soccer

This Fall Soren is doing Soccer again on Sat. mornings!  He loves it, we love being out drinking our coffee on beautiful Fall mornings!

1st Day of School 2015

The day has come... My babies are going off to school for the very first time.  The last two years of homeschooling I have been so happy keeping my little ducks under my wing, and this year it was hard sending them.  But I knew we needed it