Thursday, January 21, 2016

Silas 9 Months

We are sooooooo thrilled and blessed at how our little buddy is doing.  He even just learned how to push up from tummy to a sit!!!  2 1/2 months ago he could barely hold his head up on his tummy.  He has come so far and the Lord has been so merciful in His healing.  Thank you Lord.  Silas is also continuing to become so interested in everything around him.  He loves to play and interact with his siblings.  

Meet the Teacher/ Labor Day

We had decided that with the unknowns of Silas's health and this next year that homeschooling was a little too much for me to take on this year.  So we prayed hard and looked into many types of schools.  We decided to go with a STEM school in our district.  We went to Meet the Teacher night and were thrown off by how large the class sizes were and the overall feel we had.  We came home, prayed, looked at more options, visited another school and switched them a few days before school started to Columbus Elementary, the same school I grew up at!  The class sizes were much smaller and we just had a more peaceful feel with it.  
We did the annual Labor Day Baseball game at the Opsahls!!!  We had a great time and even got to have Grandpa Dave show up!  Our baseball teams are getting pretty big!!!

Life in August

I felt like we jumped slowly and cautiously into life a little bit during August.  We hit the pool, enjoyed playing, and felt a little more light hearted than we had in 4 months.  We continue to watch Silas's every move and pray for continued healing.  My day is still filled with morning/night  medicine and supplements, syringing Silas formula/vitamins, nursing him and walking him to sleep! But we are so thankful that we were able to do a little bit more this month.  Here is our month through pictures!

Silas 8 Months

Silas is feeling sooooooooo much better!  We are thrilled and amazed at the healing the Lord has done in our precious boy.  He is content and happy again.  He is sitting and eating better.  He also enjoys tummy time again!  Thank you Lord for this boy and the journey you have taken us all on through him.  He is so loved.

Cabin Aug. 2015

We were blessed by Courtney and Luke again this Summer to get a weekend up North.  Back when Silas was diagnosed I had no idea if this would be something we would be able to still do.  We were able to do it and ALSO have a wonderful time!!!  The kids did great and I think it was one of the easiest cabin trips with kids!  Such a blessing.

Such a blessing our family is.  So grateful the Lord allowed us to do this and that Silas did so well!