Monday, October 5, 2015

Hospital Days

The hospital days were very hard.  I cried a lot, was in the Word a lot, prayed a lot, studied Silas a lot, snuggled him a lot, missed the other kids a lot. We were in there for 8 days.  Dustin stayed 3 days with us and then went home to the others.  They came a few times to visit.  My mom would stop in during her lunch break every day to see us.  People brought me food, sent my kind emails and texts, and got prayer chains going like crazy.  I felt so humbled at how many people were touched and praying for Silas and our family.  
Silas slept most of the day.  It was hard to see him when he was awake because he was sooooooo not himself.  He was goofy and out of it.  I didn't know if it was due to the medicine or the abnormal brain waves.  He had 7 or 8 seizures the whole time in the hospital.  It was so hard to see.  I would watch his eyes and just pray for no more seizures.