Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Williams family Pictures

While in Florida we hired a photographer to capture the Williams family 2015

Our last full day

Silas got up extra early so we ventured to the beach to watch the sunrise and grab some coffee!  We had a beach day trying to soak up every last bit of ocean goodness we could.  That evening a space rocket was launching and our beach was a perfect view of it.  We waited and waited but it was canceled last minute due to a storm.  We had a great vacation and feel so blessed by all the time we had with the whole Williams family!


Dustin and I would take turns going to the beach during nap time.  I would go with the two older kids and play!  Dustin would go by himself and surf!  Silas found his toes while we were there.  I love when babies play with their toes!  Silas fell asleep on my chest while we were waiting for dinner one night and I just sat there holding him because I never know when he will be too old to do that!  G'ma and G'pa threw Selah a birthday party at the pool!