Wednesday, April 22, 2015

He is Risen!!!

I love Easter.  So thankful that Christ is Risen and is seated at the Right Hand of God.  We are redeemed and look forward to eternity with Him.  
We woke up and got our Sunday best on for Church.  Maeta wore a dress from when I was 5 and Silas wore the same outfit Soren did for his first Easter!  And miss Selah wore the best spinning dress on the market!  Poor Soren just wore a pair of high waters!

Here the two youngest are in the Nursing Moms Room with me at church!  So cute!
 After church we headed to my parents house and celebrating with the Borg's.  
My littlest and I enjoying a moment!

I'm so thankful for my Savior and for family who love the Lord with all their heart!

Silas 4 Months

Silas at 4 Months!
15 lbs.
Nursing and bottles
Sleeps between mom and dad every night.
Naps well in crib
Loves the saucer
Loves to stand
Hands always in your mouth
drools a lot
Loves a face looking at you
Loves the kids
Doesn't mind Selah being right in your face all the time!
Still the most content baby I have ever seen!
Tried Rice cereal
Content laying on back playing with feet

We love you sweet boy!