Monday, March 30, 2015

Selah's 3

You are 3!  We are so thrilled to have you as part of our family.  You bring so much life and keep us on our toes!  We love you.  I stare at you in amazement of your beauty and I often smile to myself as I hear your laugh.  You are so creative with your thoughts and stories and you can describe things perfectly, way better than I can.  For example:  When your gum has lost its flavor you say, "Here's my gum, it's dead."  Perfect!  Out of our 4 kids, you command the most attention currently!  You are very independent but like mom close by at all times.  You are cuddly but crazy.  You love Silas and claim him as your baby and buddy but you have struggled these last 4 months with sharing mom with him.  You have no body fat on you and are usually ice cold but never want to wear any clothes.  I am constantly trying to figure out my dear little Selah!  You are up many times throughout the night and with a newborn that I am nursing as well I have gotten very little sleep between the two of you!  Some nights you are up 10+ times.  We have just recently gone back to being Gluten Free with you in hopes that your little body will gain weight.  You are only 24 lbs. so we would love to get some extra meat on your bones!
You still love your Fro Fro's (Ruthann).  You guys love and fight like sisters!  Ruthann likes to clobber you and you like having your space so you scream at her!  But most of the time you guys hug and play nicely!  
You and Maeta enjoy playing gymnastics and school together!  Sometimes you hold hands and run around the house singing, "We are two sisters forever!"
You started gymnastics but you don't like it.  I told you we are going to finish up the session then you can be done!
You love your daddy.  On nights that you are up a ton, daddy usually takes over and sleeps in your room with you.  You always say, "Daddy, I love you!"
You love books.  You will often sit in front of the bookshelf and read book after book.
You are left handed. 
You still love your sippy of warmed up raw milk!
We love you sweet Selah!

A Trying Month: March

This month was a bit challenging for us as a family.  Nothing huge but little and almost constant sicknesses made for little sleep and crabby people!  We battled sickness for 3 out of 4 weeks and daddy was on a rock climbing trip during one of those.  Dustin is such a helpful daddy that when he is gone he is missed greatly by us all.  But we made it through and the kids are all feeling much better and so am I.  Here is our month through pictures (there weren't very many pictures this month because I wasn't too excited about capturing the hard moments!).  
The kids were very sweet when Dustin was gone.  The first morning they brought me breakfast up to bed!  Coffee (which I found a trail up the stairs of little spills on the white carpet), muffin, and toast.  I felt very blessed by them for thinking of this.
 Soren often helps me hold Silas when he is doing his school work.
 We liked going to the hotel pool a lot this month because it was warm inside the pool and not many germs!
 The first victim of the stomach flu, poor Maeta.
 This was about 10 minutes before she started throwing up all over the garage floor.
 We were thankful for a beautiful few days while having the stomach flu.
 The girls playing together!

 Silas is so sweet, we are so thankful for such a happy baby!

 He also tried cereal and didn't mind it too much!
 We are studying Colonial America and so the kids tried sharpening quill feathers and using dirt for ink to write with!

 Maeta and Soren were so excited to sing on Palm Sunday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Silas is 3 Months

Silas, you are three months already and the happiest baby I have EVER seen.  You are so content and smiley I am so amazed and blessed by you!  Dad and I stare at you and say over and over, "Silas is so amazing!"  We are so thankful for you and praise God for your life.  
We have been sick this past month.  You have had a cold and the kids have had other things.  But you still smile away all day long!  
You are 13.4 lbs.
You still nurse and have a little extra in a bottle. 
You found your hands and love to chew on them.
You started the exersaucer and like it.
You love when one of the kids hold you and read to you.
You love a face smiling and you.
You sleep between mom and dad at night and nurse on and off throughout the night.
You started going to the chiropractor this month just because we were there for mom.  You laugh through your whole session and the Chiropractor can't believe it!  He says, babies never laugh they usually cry.
We are so in love with you baby boy!

2.5 month Comparisson


Silas 2.5 months

You are so loved.
So precious
I praise God for you always.
Your mommy loves you,

Feb. Randoms

Feb. was filled with lots of cold weather and inside activities.  
Nana, Sami, and Papa came for a visit on a Friday night...
The kids are always loving and encouraging Silas!

Ninja routines ALL. DAY. LONG
Silas started the saucer

 Selah was all about many layers of dresses, swim suits, and headbands.
 Silas and Alyse

 Gopher meet

 Selah started gymnastics

 4 swimming suits on

 We discovered a hotel with open swim

 Selah started drawing people.  Here is our family