Sunday, April 27, 2014


Dustin and I were blessed by my parents who watched our kids while we attended the MACHE conference in Duluth.  We went up Friday morning and we came home much refreshed Saturday!  We had a great time but morning sickness and fatigue have already taken over so much of the conference for me was trying to concentrate on not falling asleep or throwing up!  The kids had a fabulous time and weren't very happy to see us when we came to pick them up!  They wanted to stay longer!
Plugging away at school
Craft time
 I was watching Alicia's girls and it was Papa's birthday, so we made cookies and brought them to him!!!
 Soren and Maeta got to have a sleep over at Lucy and Caleb's house, so we took Selah on a date!  She had a blast but mom didn't keep her food down :(
 Maeta learned how to ride a bike with NO training wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Enjoying being together and the Opsahl house!

 Dry Ice in the pool
 drawing together!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We went to G'ma's house while daddy had to work on Saturday.  G'ma had Easter baskets for the kids and Nikki came with her kids too!  I was soooooooo tired and Debbie blessed me by letting me lay down for a bit while we were there!  This pregnancy has been the hardest so far!  
They found their baskets!

Our kids before Church on Easter morning.  Maeta felt very special in her dress she picked out, can't you tell!
4 kids here!!!


Selah wasn't too happy with Finn riding along!
Finn loves "Onie" and always wants to play with him!
Papa and Johnny
The pool was melting and full of crystal ice and the kids thought it was magical!
It was so fun having us all there when they came in.  We were shocked but not surprised!!!
So happy for these two.
The best picture I could get of all the kids (besides Johnny and two in utero!)

Saturday, April 5, 2014


The kids did a few seasons of gymnastics to get us through the Winter months.  Both Soren and Maeta LOVED it.  We have done gymnastics in the past but they have never loved it as much as they did this time!  
 Maeta worked so hard and loved the bars the most.  Here she is before her big final show!

 It was so hard on Selah every week to watch the kids go and not be able to do it, so she loved the show and being able to run around!!!  I take her to "open gym" and we call it "Selah's gymnastics!"  That way all three kids can have free time for an hour.
 Soren did a class called Boys Multi Sport and he had such a great time.  They run around the whole time, stretch, climb the rope, condition.  He is soooo tight, so the stretching is really good for him.

 Their sweet cheering club for the show!