Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb. Randoms

Burrito babies
 Newborn snuggles
 A huge wet snowstorm.  We had such a great time playing in this storm.  The snowflakes were ginormous!!!

 Soren and Maeta are very into legos!
 Maeta sewing for her first time!
 Showing daddy how they read!

 We pass these Winter days with goggles, swimming suits, and baths!
They are wonderful!

Friday, February 14, 2014

My 30th/Valentine's day

We woke up Valentine's morning to a party!!!  Here are the kids so excited for Valentine's Day!
And Dustin even set up a Birthday Party for the kids and I before he went to work!
Even though he was at work when we woke up, we sure felt loved by him during our breakfast party!
We then headed to my parents house to help with the Saari kids while my mom went to work for a few hours.  My parents had taken off work for a few days bc of Jonathan's birth so it was nice for us to get to go spend the morning there!!!  

We went home for naps but first had so stop in and get our hands on this yummy little boy!!!  
Oh man, my kids are soooooooooo in love!
After Selah napped we went back over to my parent's house for a Birthday/Valentine's Day party.  I can't believe my mom had the Saari kids overnight for 3 days and threw this fancy party!  Amazed at what she can do!
We had a wonderful time and I felt very loved!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


School is so much more productive when done in a crown, cape, pj's and sucking a sucker!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome Jonathan David

Wow!  How special it was for me to witness my first birth (other than the one's I'm involved in!).  Alicia and Nick allowed my sister Samantha and I to join them at the Birth House to welcome Jonathan David!  It was amazing!  I can't believe how strong Alicia was and how Gracious our Heavenly Father is to give us such a gift.  It was very hard to witness my sister going through that but amazing to see a mother's will and strength to deliver a child.  Amazing!  
 Thank you Alicia and Nick for giving me this opportunity to see a miracle!  We love you Jonathan David!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kalahari Resort

This Feb. we took the kids to the Kalahari Resort in WI Dells.  They had such a blast and we semi forgot that it was -degrees outside because we enjoyed out time so much!!!  The kids LOVED everything: the arcade, the indoor watermark, the hotel room, eating out!!!  Here are many pictures of our time together!

How blessed we were to get away for 4 days and spend time together!!!