Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our family this Fall

If I could pick one picture to sum up Selah, this might be it...
Oh I just can't get over this sweet little face.  She melts my heart!  Anytime she sees the camera come out she scrunches up her face and says, "cheeeeeeese!"
 Oh Selah, we all love you so much!
 I love how these three are beginning to play together.  Selah tries to join in the play now.
 Three of the most precious faces!
 Thank you Lord for blessing us with time together!

Time with the Greats!

We got to spend a little bit of time with G'ma and G'pa Borg in their new home at the Assisted Living Facility.  They have a wonderful courtyard where the kids could run, bike, and scoot the whole time.  I melt at how much our kids adore their Great G'ma Evie and Great G'pa Dave.  They love getting so see them!  I'm so thankful to get to spend these days enjoying time with family!
We also enjoyed some picture taking!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our first year of School

 Our first day in this new chapter called "school" began today.  I have been a bit emotional leading up to today.  First emotion: I can't believe that my little baby Soren is beginning Kindergarten.  How fast these past 5 1/2 years went of waking up each morning without really having a plan of what the day might look like.  I have loved praying with the kids in the morning and asking God to take this day that He has made and guide everything we do, let everything be His will.  They have been wonderful days!  Second emotion: Since we decided to home school how am I not going to screw them up??????  Ann Voskamp at said it perfectly on her blog today, 
 "Your sins aren’t enough and your strengths aren’t enough. You are not enough — for this parenting gig, this marriage relationship, this homeschooling year, this work project.
Write it on the wall, ink it on some skin, because Christ wrote it with His blood:
Grace is the only thing that is ever enough.
Because the thing is – every sin and every strength always falls short. Every sin and every strength is always both in need of exactly the same thing: the grace of God.
Grace is the only thing that ever makes a way."

And so I entered into this homeschooling year with my focus on Christ who is my all.  Praying that He will lead us closer to Him.  
And we had a wonderful first day of school.  We made it through all our school goals for the day, got a wonderful walk/run/bike to the park, and even made it the apple orchard!

A little Labor Day weekend fun...

We had a wonderful laid back weekend.  With the cold weather I even pulled out some Fall candles and enjoyed the windows open!
Sunday after Church we met at a park for some volleyball and fun...
These two little girls have become very good friends now that Selah is walking.  Ruthann thinks her as a friend rather than a baby now!!!
 Dustin and Nick VS Brent and a college friend

 Where ever these two little ones are, auntie Sami is close by...

 Monday we had our annual Opsahl family baseball game.  It went from the adults playing pretty competitively (meaning someone usually pulled a hamstring) to this year's kid game.  Even Selah and Ruthann hit and ran!
 The middles were coooooolllllddddddd!

 Two little girls=Sami
 Selah hitting for her first time!

 My grandparents and Aunt Kris even came to cheer!
 What sweet little girls these two are.  

A wonderful weekend before we hit up our first ever school year!