Friday, November 30, 2012

Cookies with the Greats, Movie Night, & a black eye...

G'ma Evie called us over this morning for some Christmas cookie baking.  My Grandma has such a kind heart to call us up and lead this fun activity for my kids!  Thanks G'ma and G'pa!  Here they are getting their Scandinavian aprons on (I love how Soren is holding a sword, might make the apron thing a little tougher!)...
 Baking, G'pa Dave taught them how to eat raw dough!
 Selah in her Christmas shirt and pants!  She turned 8 months today.
 The cookies turned out great and my kids had so much fun!!!
 After Soren's school we had pizza and movie night!  It is funny how we have to start movie night around 4:00 because they get so tired!
 Maeta ended the night with a black eye from falling on our bed frame.  Poor little sweet pea.  It think she felt more cool than she did pain because she barely cried but she loved looking at it in the mirror!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lessons from Maeta

 I have to stop often throughout the day and take lessons from this little lady.
 She is never in a hurry.
 She loves to jump on everything.
 Laughs often.
 Is constantly thinking of something to do.
 Stops to try out or look at everything her eyes fall on.
 Loves telling stories, listening to stories, and being creative.
She reminds me to SLOW down.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving/Best day ever 2012

We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with Dustin's family.  The kids had a great time with cousin Ashton and we are so excited for baby girl Williams cousin to make her appearance in the next few weeks!!!  Her are my matching girls playing with their daddy!
Selah with G.G.
 That night we went over to my parents house to sleep so we could all be ready for "the best day ever" take 5!  I can't believe it has already been 5 years since we packed the day full of fun to get me to go into labor and it worked!!!  This year we got to celebrate that little baby boy turning 5!  Courtney and Luke got into helping me make Soren's cake!
 We decided not to get up too early on Black Friday since 3 of us are up most of the night nursing babies and the other two were up most the night due to 7 kids sleeping over, but we still got out while it was still dark!  Thanks to my dad, Luke and Nick for watching my kids for me since Dustin had to work.  It was a blessing to me to get a morning out!
 1st stop= COFFEE!
 Here is Selah being so good and tagging along for the day!
 When we got back the kids were all in one piece, the guys were all in one piece and they were all happy!  After birthday party we made Christmas trees...
 Little Finn is just so handsome and smiley!
 Here are the Christmas PJ's all lined up while kids were in showers and baths.  So fun to see 7 little jammies all lined up!  Can't believe last year there were 4 and now there are 7!!!
 Soren and Caleb were so excited that Finn got to match them!
 The three 2012 babies!
 Trying to capture all 7 together!!!  I love how each kid is doing their own thing!!!  
 Movie time!
 Maeta loves this doll house and is teaching Selah how to play!
 Charlie Brown in Nana and Papa's bed before going to bed!
It was another successful "best day ever!"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Soren's Birthday Parties

My friend Tami threw Aubrey and Soren a joint party because they are only 2 weeks apart.  We had it on a week day morning and it was so much fun.  Here are the kids lined up to start a treasure hunt.  It was gorgeous outside!
 The mamas and 2 of the 3 2012 babies between us...
 Caleb praying for his friends before cake!
 Aubrey and Soren...
 All the kids...
 Selah in her party outfit!
 Party #2 was with the Williams/Olmschenk side on Thanksgiving.  They were so nice to tie his birthday into the Thanksgiving celebrations.  He felt very special!!!
 #3 was with the Opsahl side on the day after Thanksgiving.  Soren wanted a Superman cake and so Luke, Courtney & I worked hard the night before to create it.  I think it turned out really good, and Soren loved it!
 I can't believe Soren is already 5!
 Here he is on his real birthday at the time of his birth 7:46...
 "Real day" birthday pancakes...
 Daddy had to work the day before but took off Soren's birthday so they could go pick out a guitar together.  Soren was soooooo excited for both the guitar and a date with dad!
 Here he is with his new guitar.  He loves it and feels so grown up!
 The boys!
Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate our little boy.  He felt very loved all weekend long!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Soren

You are 5!  I can't believe how blessed we have been by receiving you as a gift,  created with a purpose by God.  You made daddy and I parents and we have been overflowing with love for you since day 1.  I am amazed at how kind and thoughtful you are.  You melt my heart daily.  I love watching you grow up.  You have grown so much this past year.  I love answering your questions about God, how to spell just about every word you can think of, and all of your deep thoughts.  You are a thinker, and think for awhile before speaking. You care deeply for others and are very compassionate.  I am amazed at how smart you are and how creative you can be.  You love: reading and learning about God, holding Selah, daily play with Maeta, wrestling with daddy, snuggling with mom, trains, Legos,  drawing, Wild Krats, writing words, practicing reading, playing guitar, listening to music with dad, anytime with extended family, a girl at church, Superman, running, holding my hand, and playing at parks.  We are truly blessed by having you as a son.  I love you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


...that this little lady keeps laughter a constant in our home.  Here she is right after sneezing and seeing all the eggs that came shooting out of her nose!  Gross side note: I forgot that she sneezed eggs out of her nose and ended up taking a big bite out of her toast that is right in the middle of all the snotty eggs! Yum.

Thankful for all our 3 blessings that the Lord has blessed us with as gifts from Him.  Thankful for so much!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Around our house...

You will find...
A kids table full of arts and crafts, and very messy,
 Pinterest projects in full swing preparing for Christmas decorating,
 Thomas the Train is usually always in service,
 The Spring/Summer curtains are down the the new "table cloth" Fall/Winter curtains are up,
 Baby girl entertained by Cheerios,
 PJ's and Costumes are still the main attire,
 A daddy home from work, still in long underwear, dancing with his littlest, nightly,
 Looking so much alike, only a blue-eyed, girl version,
 Little boys dressed like Potato Heads,
 And a baby wearing mama trying to keep up with the tornado that seems to enter the house daily!
Once again, Blessed.