Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a BOY!!!!!!

Welcome to the world Finn Thomas! 
 The beautiful new family of 3...
It is so fun seeing Luke and Courtney as parents.  They seemed so excited and so happy!
Courtney did an amazing job delivering baby Finn.  Luke was amazed at his bride's strength through her natural birth.  
Finn was born at 11:08 last night and weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz.  
Doesn't Luke look so proud!
We love you baby Finn!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It was Luke and Courtney's due date.  Here they are practicing their Ergo, now we just need a real baby in it!  We are so excited to meet this little one.  Praying for Courtney in these final days, for comfort and protection, and for little baby!
 Selah so proud of her new sitting skills...
 A sweet one of the two little girls with their Nana...
 Ruthann and Selah love each other so much.  
 Here is what they were watching...Papa and the rest of the kids...
 6 kids for now, but soon to be 7.  Even thought the baby isn't born yet, it feels like something is missing from this picture!
 I love how many pictures I have with my dad in a chair by the pool, holding a baby.  He always has a baby in his arms.  I probably have multiple pictures of all 6 grandkids in this position!
 Selah loves to sit and play with toys!

Katorski Wedding

My beautiful childhood friend Jenna got married this past Sat.  She was gorgeous and didn't stop smiling the entire day!  She was so excited to marry her best friend.  Here she is coming down the stair after putting her dress on and just about to go meet her groom!
 Andrea and I...
 Kristi looked beautiful as did the flowers.  I thought the flowers were amazing and so unique.
 My friend Rachel just had a baby 5 weeks ago so she had to do a little pumping on the party bus!!!  I loved it!
 Stunning bride...
 And the groom joking around in Jenna's glasses...
 Selah got to come with too, she won't take a bottle so where I go, she goes!  Here she is dancing with my mom.  
Thanks Jenna and Nate for letting me be a part of your day!  We had such a great time and you guys are a very cute couple!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


This week I have felt very overwhelmed with how I can't seem to get anything accomplished.  Up to this point we haven't had many commitments to our daily schedule but just getting three children fed, dressed, teeth brushed, napped, truth into them, and a little fun in their days has been enough.  This week we have added:
MOMS (I am hostessing a table at my MOMS group at church)
College Course (I am finishing up my Masters in Education)

and I feel like I am in over my head.

Now this isn't even that many things added, but I was already feeling pretty full.  I also know many others have a lot more they are carrying than my list, BUT for this week, for me personally, this was a lot.  Extra fun has taken a backseat this week!  Emotions have been running wild and this mama has had very little patience.  If I was dependant on making life ok for my family I would be failing miserably.

  But as for me and my house, WE serve the Lord.  He knows that I will always need His help.  He created me to be a servant but not to rely on myself.  He knew I would fail and sin daily, and He still sent His ONLY Son to die for my sins.  I am covered by the blood of Christ Jesus and that means every day His mercies are new.  He has promised to never leave me or forsake me.  Oh, how wonderful it feels to serve a forgiving and loving God.  

This little beauty went in for her 4 month check-up this week (YES, she is now 5 1/2 months).  My doctor is also a mother of 4 and understands that you get in when you can!  Thankfully Selah looks wonderful.  She was 75% for height!  And 15% for weight and head!!!  Our tallest for sure!
 She can sit now for a few minutes all on her own.  
And her uncle seems to think she resembles this little doll.  Is it a Hugabunch???  I forget what he called it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Maeta has been sooooooooooooooo excited to start gymnastics.  The real gymnastics when mom isn't the coach, when there is a real coach!  She has been wanting to start since last Nov. when Soren was in class.  But she had to be three (she almost is) and potty trained.  So today was her first day.  For about 5 weeks she has been, "So excited for gymnastics!"  She woke up today and put her leotard on right away.  Then she needed her hair fixed so none of it would fall in her eyes.   Then she needed a lunch packed that she could eat right after because she would be so hunger from her workout.  Then we needed to write her name on her lunch box so no one else would take it.  Climbing into the car she just kept saying, "Mom!  I am sooooooo excited for my gymnastics practice!"  It was so sweet!  
 She listened very good.  Did everything the coach asked her to do.  Never was out of line.  Tried very hard.  And was very cautious!!!
 When she was done she asked me why her gymnastics practice was so short?!!!  She LOVED it and can't wait to go back.  
I'm proud of you sweetheart!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Look at these two sweet friends, Selah and Ruthann.  Their waiting for their other friend/cousin to be born any day now!
 Selah went swinging for the first time and enjoyed it!
It was fun to dress her in a fall outfit and boots!  Her hair is getting so thin now!

Friday, September 7, 2012


I have been loving this week because Soren is not yet in Kindergarten.  On Tuesday I thought about how this is my last year not sending a child to "real" school.  I am enjoying my three little ducks right under my wings for now!  However, Soren did start preschool for a few hours a couple times a week.  He had his first day and said he really liked it and got to drink a ton of apple juice (I big treat since they don't get juice at home)!  Great Soren, glad you learned that you LOVE apple juice!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I love you mom...

I love you too baby girl.  Oh so much!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This weekend we took the kids Hiking along the St. Croix.  It was a beautiful day and we had hopes of doing some rock climbing too, so Dustin brought along his mat.
 I love how content Selah is in the Ergo.  She loves being close to me in there!  She now enjoys singing as she bounces around in there!
 Maeta started off a little rough because she was nervous about all the walking down big rocks but she ended fabulous.  She asked to go hiking more when we were all done!
 Soren loved it.  He loved leading the way!  That boy loves protecting all his girls!
 Our attempt at a self timer family picture.  However you can't see Maeta!  She is there, just look for the bright pink shoes!
I got a little nervous having little ones by the cliffs...
 Lunch time...
 We ended by swimming to a lake we came upon.  It was a wonderful adventure!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Selah 5 months

Selah is the sweetest 5 month old.  Just happy.  Loves to talk.  Loves a face looking at her.  Loves to play in her exersaucer.  Loves Soren and Maeta.  Cries if a stranger looks at her for too long.  Is currently getting up hourly during the night.  Loves to be cuddled.  Stopped eating cereal because she hated it.  Puts everything in her mouth.  Can put herself to sleep about 50% of the time and nurses to sleep the other 50%.  Likes her cousin Ruthann.  Stays in a onsie most days.  Hair is falling out faster than with the other two.  Eyes seem to be getting more blue.  13.2 lbs.  Gave up on the paci.  Arms are now out of a swaddle for sleeping.  Takes 2-4 naps a day, depending on what we are doing.  Has her family madly in love with her!!!!
Here is Selah (5 months) Maeta (4 months) & Soren (4 months) all in the same bumbo...

Last week...

We enjoyed our time at a Nature Center with the Saari clan.  The baby girls are really cute together.  They recognize each other and know they are friends.  They were having a yelling match together and Ruthann always tries to kiss and gouge out Selah's eyes!
 Working in the gardens...
 We had Soren's open house.  I love that he will hold my hand walking into school.  I wonder how many more years of this I have!
 Daddy at Meet the Teacher night...
 Soren checking out his room...
 We enjoyed one last Summer night with Sami home from College.  We got very attached to having her around this Summer.  We are already missing her so much!
 Caleb got a Superman costume too!  These two boys make me laugh so hard when they are together!
 We got to meet baby Aizer!!!!  We are so excited for the Enz family as they just welcomed their 3rd child!  I enjoy doing life with Tami and am so blessed that the Lord has placed her into my life!