Thursday, August 30, 2012

State Fair

We got to do the State Fair this year G'pa Williams style.  This means you do it all the right way.  Lots of rides, lots of food, and lots of games.  The kids had a blast!  
 We went in the morning so we started off with a funnel cake...
 The kids were hoping to see the real Bat mobile but it wasn't there anymore so they got blow-up toys instead!
 The whole gang!
Thanks G'pa for taking us all!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Many things have been happening around here this Summer so here are a few things:
This was the sweet group of sisters and friends Alicia and I led in a Beth Moore Bible Study on Tuesday nights.  It was very special to me because ALL of my sisters and sister-in-laws were there (Alicia, Sam, Courtney & Nikki) and we got to get close with some of their friends too.  I praise God for the work He did and continues to do in all their lives!  We just finished a 10 week series and I am going to miss the weekly check-ins with them all!
 I got to meet Ashley and Joelle and their kids for a play date!
 Joelle's little Edison and Maeta are over a year apart but the same size!!
 We had a wonderful picnic/play/swim with good friends Emily and Phil and their two kids.
 Jaden and Maeta could be sisters!
 These two sisters wore their first matching dresses to church!
 Selah met some of the Opsahl family at my parents house!
 The kids of the Opsahl family...
 And Soren just running around in character...
 Daddy enjoying his baby girl...
 And little miss Selah as sweet as ever...
It has been a wonderfully full Summer!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Selah, you make me giddy!
Everyday I stare at you.  I can't believe you are my daughter.  I am so blessed by this!
I think your personality is just the most precious thing.  You are almost always delightful!
And content.
You make all the perfect baby cooing sounds, and you found your feet.
Tonight I was cuddling you in bed before laying you down and you were sucking your thumb.  Your eyes started dozing off because it soothed you so well.
Fingers are always in the mouth!
You laugh hardest when something startles you!

You try to sit up from a flat laying position!
You are more interested in what the kids are saying or playing than in eating!  We know have to nurse in quiet!
You are adored by each one of us, and by the King who made you perfectly and wonderfully!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This past end of the week/weekend we spent at a resort up north with Dustin's mom's side of the family.  We stayed at a great resort with everyone and it was very kid-friendly which was very wonderful for us.  We got up there Thursday around noon and got settled into our town home which we shared with Drew, Nikki, and Ashton before taking the golf cart to the pool...
Selah enjoying GG by the pool...
We could walk all around which was very nice.  Selah slept in the Ergo on the go the whole weekend.  Here is daddy with his girls walking to dinner the first night!
There were three two year olds (well one was almost two) there for Maeta to play with.  It was fun watching all their different personalities!  They all loved band aids though!
 The second day we spent at the park, by the lake and at the pool.  Dustin and I enjoyed a little down time as all three kids took a nap!
Here are the littles the second night at dinner.  Our town homes were all right on the water!  It was beautiful!
The third day was spent at the park and Dustin played golf while I held down the fort.  By this time the kids were a little bit crabby from extra sugar and little sleep but we survived.  We were very thankful to see dad when he returned during dinner time!!!  So thankful for him!  Here is a picture of the adults...
And the kids (yes, we are still counted as kids!)...
 Soren was in character the WHOLE trip.  If he wasn't Superman he was Clark Kent!  Here he is at the park in his chosen outfit!
 And Supergirl!
 The kids loved looking for Seaglass in the rocks!  This was the view from our room...
 Sweet Selah!
 We loved getting to see Susie, Ward, Maggie, and Cassie.  We have missed them a lot since moving back to MN.  Soren and Maeta loved having them around!
 In case you didn't know, this is how Clark Kent poses...
 My three!
 And this is how Superman poses...
 Selah and I were seen like this about 95% of the time.  My legs were so tired because in order to keep her sleeping I had to keep moving!  I love wearing her and having her close!
 Dinner the last night...
 The kids would all play ALL dinner in the grass by the lake!
 Here is the originals.  I can't imagine having 7 kids in 9 year!
 Our original!  3 in 4 years!

 I love how her little legs shoot straight out when she is up in the air!
 It only took about 2 hours at night for them to fall asleep together!
Thanks everyone for a wonderful time together!