Sunday, June 24, 2012

VBS, Soccer camp, and randoms

This past week Soren went to Vacation Bible School.  Soren and Lucy had a lot of fun being in the same class.  
While Soren was there every morning these to little gals played a lot.  Maeta was pretty lost without her best friend home to play with, but she was thankful to have Selah there!
Soren and Lucy also did Soccer camp together.  
Maeta and daddy watching practice
The girls at Soccer...
Maeta kept asking if she could go to soccer and VBS so the second day Dustin made her practice there.  She thought she really was at Soccer camp!  Here she is resting from her practice!
 Some randoms from the last few weeks:
Baseball practice with Papa
 Alicia lounging with all the girls...
We celebrated little baby boy Spaude coming soon.  Jess is so cute pregnant!
Three girl friends hanging out doing tummy time!  Jada is a few weeks younger than Ruthann and is my friend Jenny's little girl.
 Old Twister teammates at the shower...
Me and my babe...
This little girl turned 12 weeks old!
She is just the sweetest thing.  She is just so happy and loves to watch Soren and Maeta play.  She is such a blessing!
Today we enjoyed the most beautiful day laying by the pool at my parents house.  Selah wore a swimsuit for the first time today and went swimming...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun with Sami!

Samantha gives so much time and love to all her nephews and nieces, we are so thankful for her!  The other day Maeta got a call from Sami asking her out on a date the next morning.  Sami came and picked her and Lucy up, the girls were sooooooo excited.  They went to the coffee shop for doughnuts then to the mall to ride the marry-go-round and get a few goodies.  Maeta had such a fun time with you Sam!
Sami came to play super heros the other day before heading to work.  I love these pictures because my kids are all about being "Spidergirl" and "Superman" right now.  Samantha's name was "Sly Sami" and it is so cute to listen to Maeta say it because she has a lisp!  Oh, it's the sweetest thing!
Sami, my children (and us) adore you.  Thank you for loving on us so well!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It was a wonderful Father's Day

Because I have wonderful men in my life.  
We started the day by giving Dustin homemade cards.  Then went to church.
This was Dustin's 5th Father's day and I can't even begin to praise God enough for what a kind, patient, fun, and hands-on dad he is.  
 After church Dustin went golfing with his dad and the kids and I went over to my parents house to celebrate Father's day with my dad and celebrate Luke and my G'pa's birthdays. 
My kids came in character...
 We thought it would be a pool day but it was so cold so everyone ended up in the hot tub!
 The birthday boys...
Dad, you gave me such a great childhood and continue to encourage me in adulthood.  I am so thankful for the godly man you are.  What a great model I had/have in you.  I love you so much and my kids do too!  
Dustin, you amaze me as we have learned to be parents together.  I had no idea fatherhood would be so natural for you.  You have exceeded my hopes and dreams as you parent our children.  Thank you for putting the kids and I before yourself daily.  You are a servant of Christ and a servant to your family.  We love you!
I love this picture because it is both the "fathers" I love so much teaching my kids together.
Here's to celebrating great men!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

2, 32, 54

I decided to start taking Selah's monthly pictures on her new quilt that Sam made for her, isn't it gorgeous?!  I love it.  Thank you thank you thank you Samantha!
As I was taking Selah's picture guess who else wanted hers taken.  So we figured out how many months she was and she laid on the quilt Sam made for her...
 And one more child wanted in on the fun!  54 months!!!!  Ha, don't worry, I don't still count the older two kids by months, we just figured it out for the picture!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life lately...

Selah is all smiles.  She loves a face looking at her and rarely denies you a smile.
 Selah getting use to the bright outside.
 Riding power wheels around the yard.
 Ice cream followed by races in the yard.
We celebrated our nephew Ashton's 1st birthday
Dustin with his Grandma and Selah
 Dustin and I enjoyed a night out (with Selah) for an old teammates wedding.  Here is Laura meeting Selah!  We had so much fun catching up with many friends.  My dear parents were so wonderful to give Soren and Maeta a great sleepover with them!
 Maeta going down the water slide for the first time at G'ma and G'pa's house.
 Melt me!
We also celebrated my mom's birthday but for some reason the photos won't let me download them on my blog?  
Today I had over my college roomies/teammate for a play date.  We have 6 kids now between us...
 Joelle holding Selah and Ashley with her little girl Clara who is 11 days younger than Selah
 Feeding time!
 Edison and Maeta taking care of Clara
 Beautiful Laura with Selah
 All the kids: Soren 4, Maeta 2, Edison 1, Grady 8 months, Selah and Clara 2 months...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Selah is 2 months

I got Selah ready to take a few two month pictures and Soren and Maeta could stand to have her lay there by herself.  They said she wouldn't like it but she would be happy if they held her.  I got the above picture out of the deal which sums up all three of them pretty good:  Soren always wanting to take care and hold Selah, Maeta wanting to always be around Soren and hamming it up somehow, and Selah still just a newborn going with the flow!
Selah you are already TWO months old.  Oh how we love you baby girl.  
I can't believe that we get you as part of our family!  You are just sweet.  Quiet, snugly, and a peanut! You love to smile and talk.  If there is a face looking at you, you get so excited!  
If you are crying, Soren will run over to you and make you smile.  You adore him!  Today you and I sat outside in the shade watching the two kids run through the sprinklers.  You were so patient.  

Maeta loves calling herself the big sister.  She always wants to hold you if Soren is holding you!  And besides the one time pushing you out of your bouncy chair (she said she was just trying to rock you) she has been very gentle and loving with you.
Like I have said before, Soren absolutely adores everything about you.  And you love him!
We are so blessed by you kids.
 for each of...