Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

The neighborhood pools opened up this past Friday so Alicia, Tami, and I brought the kids to do a little swimming.  It was a lot of fun and a lot to handle!  Thankfully Selah slept most of the time!  But two in water wings and one newborn at the pool is challenging!  I was very thankful Nick was with Alicia and helped me out a ton by playing with Soren and Maeta.
 Here is how I travel for an hour long pool trip or beach trip.  Note: The baby isn't even in there, I am wearing her in the Bjorn.  
1 stroller
1 infant car seat (which she slept in for most the time)
1 baby tent
1 lunch box with 2 lunches 
diaper bag
2 towels
2 swimming suits
2 sizes of diapers
4 water wings
3 pairs of sunglasses
(what else do you think we could possibly bring?)
 Friday night Alicia and Nick called us all over for dinner.  Here is my mom and sister loving on the two babies...
 And the two babies smiling at their Papa!
 The kids are really into putting on plays right now.  Here they are bowing after performing Little Red Riding Hood
Do you think she is a mom and aunt???  A very good multi-tasker/ helper for a sister (me) who is a little overwhelmed at the moment!  
 Soren has been loving baseball lately.
 Dustin worked all weekend so I called my mom to ask for some help with a little girl who is feeling the need to act out a bit since new baby sister has arrived.  Maeta needed a little special date from her nana, so they went out Sat. morning together.  
 Selah turned 8 weeks
 A little girl in a bonnet melts me!
 Actually, this little girl always melts me!
 Sunday and Monday we spent swimming at my parents house.  Dustin thankfully got to join us for the end of the day on Sunday and Monday!  Soren swam most of both days!
 The kids entertaining their Great grandparents!
 Maeta loved swimming too!
 I loved this picture of Caleb who is now missing 3 front teeth!
 Sam is so wonderful in playing with the kids all day long!  I keep telling her, I will owe her big time when she has her own kids.
 My beautiful mom!
 Maeta thought my dad would be so sad if she didn't stay in the pool with him.  So she kept checking to see if he needed her!
Thanks mom and dad for blessing us so much by opening your home up to us.  We loved our weekend with you guys!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


 Does anyone else,
 make their child stay in bed,
 so you can grab your camera,
 to document some great,
No?  Just me?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


(just chronicling a typical day right now!)
2:00 am: Woke up to Maeta's scream, run in there and she said she was dreaming about dinosaurs.
3:00 am:  Nurse Selah
5:00 am:  Dustin's alarm goes off
6:00 am:  Nurse Selah, Soren up
6:30 am:  Soren, Maria breakfast, Selah plays
7:00 am:  Selah naps
7:30 am:  Maeta up
8:00 am:  Soren's 2nd breakfast, Maeta Breakfast
8:15 am:  Lucy over, coloring
 9:00-10:00:  Super Heros, change costumes 3X's each (each one needing help!)
 10:00-12:00:  Wash floors, build a fort, visit with Alicia, Nurse Selah
12:00: Go to my parents house to see Papa and Sami home from college.  
 Eat lunch
 play with sami
 play with papa
 Nurse Selah, Selah naps in Bjorn, check for bugs
 jump on tramp

 3:00: go home
 3-6:00:  Nurse Selah, snack, watch part of movie, clean, Selah nap, work on Bible study devotions, play Frisbee, play baseball, lay in grass looking at clouds, read book, bath, dinner, teeth flossed and brushed.  Maeta down for bed.
6:00-7:00 pm:  Nurse Selah while reading Charlotte's Web to Soren, give Selah a bath, play with Selah...

7:00:  Soren & Selah to bed.
7:20:  begin to blog thinking all three are sleeping
7:40:  Realize all three are awake, grab Beth Moore Bible study "Breaking Free" and sit outside kids bedroom till asleep.
7:50 pm:  All three asleep, finish blog
8:00:  Rest and wait for Dustin to get home!
A very blessed day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh my little one!

I just melt when she is awake.  She is just the sweetest thing!
 I love you Sae-Lea (the only nickname she has)

Monday, May 14, 2012

A little bit of life...

Playtime looks like this these days...
 Sweet Selah...
 My good friend Jess came to visit and meet Selah.  Jess is having a boy in Sept.  We can't wait for his arrival!
 Where ever Selah is, Soren is usually close by!
 We had a shower for Kelly who is marrying my cousin Andrew in July.  We are so excited for them!
 Carolyn is my mom's sister and the Mother of the groom!
 My aunt Kris usually has one of the babies in her arms!
 Friday night we celebrated Samantha's 21st birthday at my parents house.  
 Saturday we hung out with Debbie (Dustin's mom) for the day.  And Sunday we hung out with my parents for the day.  Here is Selah in between smiles for my mom...
 It was so nice out Dustin and Soren actually swam!

 My dad and Selah...
 Today I ventured to the park and beach with all three kidos.  We met my friend Tami and her kids there.  The sun felt so good!