Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Selah is 1 Month

I could just eat up this 8 lbs of pure sweetness.
 Our little girl started smiling recently.  Today was the first time I saw it.  And I even captured it on camera.
Look at that dimple...
She is still trying to figure out the smile muscles...
 At 1 month you are eating every 2-3 hours day and night, you eat for about a 1/2 hour and just started burping so that takes a lot less time at night before I can lay you down. 
 You sleep in your crib right next to my bed for most the night but around 4 in the morning you like to keep nursing so I bring you in bed with me.  You are so cute when I do that, your little legs tuck right into me and you have your arms right by your face.
 I started getting intentional on letting you fall asleep on your own in your crib.  Today you put yourself to sleep for 3 naps.  The other naps where on the go.
 You don't like your diaper changed and you love to be held in an arch position.  Soren and Maeta LOVE holding you.  You weigh 8 lbs.  And your hair is crazy!  
 You have really become content this past week and we finally feel pretty well adjusted to our new family of 5.  There were a few chaotic and hard weeks but this last week has been much easier.
You absolutely melt our hearts.  I think you have the sweetest personality.  You feel tiny and love to curl into a little ball to cuddle.  I am amazed and feel so blessed that God chose me to be your mama.  I love you so much I might burst!


We love you so much and are so thankful for the 21 years of your life.  We pray many blessings upon you this year.
HAPPY 30TH/GOLDEN BIRTHDAY NICK!!!  We had so much fun celebrating your life last night.  Thanks for what a good friend and brother you have been.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Randoms this past week

Maeta teaching Selah about dolls one morning right after waking up...
 And some girl talk...
 Sami is the best playmate ever!
 Auntie Sami with her two little babies
 Soren entertaining Selah with his slot cars.
 So little still.  At 4 weeks she is up to 8 lbs even.
 She gets such crazy hair in her car seat...
 Bath time!
 When you have a two year old sister, I guess you end up napping like this.  
 Happy 4 weeks Selah girl.  She keeps doing this sort of smile and I don't know if it is real or not.  My mom said she smiled for her last night and Dustin said she has for him too, but I haven't seem a for real smile yet.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The girls

Happy 4 weeks sweet Selah!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


SWEET. Full of sweetness these last three weeks. Full of holding, smelling, rocking, nursing, crying, cuddling, and praying over this new little one.
I think she resembles her daddy!
Her face just melts me. It is so little!
Soren has stepped up big time as the helper. He is always wanting to hold Selah and telling her how cute she is.
I'm completely smitten with this little wonder.
So far she has been my easiest newborn, but we have sure had a few hard days in there. We have no commitments right now which is so nice because we basically just wake up and do what ever we can get acomplished. Some days that might mean I don't get anything cleaned, don't get real clothes on, we might have cereal for dinner, no school taught, no fun outings, the kids might not get their pj's changed until it is bedtime and time for clean jammies, we just try to SURVIVE. As long as I know my three are being held and fed as much as they need, we are good! But it is just a season! However, I have done some outings by myself with the three kids like: walk/ride bike/push stroller/carry newborn in front pack to the park, Target, Trader Joes, my MOMS group at church, and a few playdates.
Maeta has sure been a trooper. Even though she is emotional she doesn't seem to resent the new baby of the family at all. However, she misses her mommy, so I have been trying hard to carve out just me and Maeta time, just a few minutes here and there.
3 is a lot.

Getting out the door is just about all I can handle. Thank goodness for car rides to recharge!
Selah loves to cuddle. She is so small and curls up into a little ball on your chest. She almost never cries if she can feel skin. She loves to nurse and takes her time at it!
She grunts so loud at night. She did this since the first night in the hospital. How can something so deep and loud come out of something so sweet and little?
I find myself taking pictures of every part of her and every angle to make sure I remember all details of her little body. I want to capture every newborn wrinkle!
She is up just about every 2 hours to eat, and feeding takes about an hour before she is sleeping again, so sleep isn't happening too much here. But that is okay. After going through this before I know we will be out of this stage way too soon so I am trying to enjoy it, even at 3 am.
I love the feeling of how you can make a newborn feel so secure by just holding them close or letting them hear your voice. I instantly loved her and she instantly loved me. Bliss
I love seeing our little daughter in his arms. I miss our nightly date nights in our living room though, because once the kids are in bed I can't help but go to bed too! I'm sure we'll find time again to play our bananagrams!
She looks just like I imagined her.
Overwhelmed with emotions of thankfulness and the high call to be a mama who tries to glorify God in raising these little ones but fails daily. Thank goodness I KNOW God is merciful and gracious to me. "He will tend his flock like a shepherd, he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom and gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11
These two remind me of each other in many ways!
Selah means to pause and reflect of God's word.
I pray they will have a special bond as sisters.
My real life baby doll!
Thank you Father, for another child. What a blessing they are.
Trying to soak every part of her up.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life these last few weeks...

Dustin went back to work when Selah was 4 days old, so the kids and I have just been adjusting to life these last 2 weeks. Selah's 1st week was spent basically sleeping and eating. She is very content and loves to be held. This first week we did venture out to my MOMS group and church on day 5 and enjoyed Alicia, Lucy and Ruthann coming over two mornings while Selah and I snuggled in bed. That was a huge blessing! Other than that we all take turns holding her. Dustin comes home from work and Selah loves to sleep on his chest. She reminds us a lot of how snugly Soren was as a baby!
Selah got to meet Sami at 1 week old too!
Samantha made this amazing quilt for Selah. I just love it! What a special gift from her auntie!
Selah's belly button didn't fall off until day 12, but when it did we made sure to give her her first bath!
Soren and Maeta thought it was so cool! They kept saying, "you're taking your first bath Selah!"
She loves being carried like this by dad in the evening!
Bedtime stories are still read!
At two weeks old Selah started waking up a bit more. I joke that my newborns don't seem to need sleep because they are alert for hours at a time. Maybe I just haven't figured out how to allow them to sleep more. But even though she is up more, she still is a very happy baby (as long as she is being held!).
Selah got to meet cousin Ashton, who is so cute, and Nikki and Drew at 2 weeks old.
Sometimes we all just need a little time out these days!
They thought Selah needed to go in the dolls crib just like Ruthann did!
My friend Ashley had her baby a week ago so yesterday we stopped by her house to meet baby Clara. Selah and Clara are only 11 days apart!!! So fun watching Ashley be a mom. Can't wait for more play dates with these two!
We are enjoying Selah so much here in our house. We are all a bit emotional from lack of sleep, and new adjustments but we are still loving the precious new life God has blessed us with. Amazed at His mercy on us!