Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a list...

* 8 more days until my due date (well as of midnight!)
* Not many plans have been on our calendar these last few days which are not a good thing at this point in the pregnancy game.
* Haven't been taking very many photos these last few days because I don't want to waste space on my camera just in case I go into labor and don't have time to down load them.
* I have had about 3 nights in the last 1 1/2 weeks when I thought I was in labor and up for about 4 hours during the night, waiting for things to get more intense. The next day after those nights are a little disappointing!
*Am loving the "Breaking Free" Beth Moore bible study I am doing at Alicia's house with some neighbor girls. We just started last week and it is a nice thing to look forward to weekly!
* I feel great still. Can still move around pretty easily, I even raced Soren today on our walk!
* Soren is dealing with the upcoming life changing event with emotions, Maeta is dealing with them by nesting with all her toys and her brain seems to be moving 100 miles a minute with no organization to them what-so-ever! You can really just sit back and watch her and be entertained all day long, which Soren and I do!
* My arms are craving a newborn
* My kids have started quiet time in their room, together, and it is going very well. Today they stayed in their beds for 40 minutes talking, reading, and playing pretend. It is nice for me to have a little break during the day now that naps have been given up!
* Can't wait to see little miss Williams. Wondering if she will look like Soren, Maeta, or both
* Saw The Hunger Games with my mom last night and really liked it.
* Dustin is on pins-and-needles with every phone call or middle of the night bathroom break wondering if this is it!
* Trying to enjoy these last few days of being pregnant!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our go-carting Saturday!

Dustin has been fixing this go-cart and it was now ready to drive. Maeta and Soren have been waiting all week to try driving it, so today Dustin took the kids for a ride. Maeta loves speed. She kept telling Dustin to go faster. I was even nervous watching how fast they were going!
Soren wanted to steer and laughed so hard when he hit anything. He loved it too!
Dustin even took big pregnant me for a spin and Soren snapped a picture!
On a side note, I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try it out. Simmer water, a lemon, Rosemary, and vanilla in a pot for the day and your house smells very nice! You should try it!
I am 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I would love to go into labor this Monday! Ha, if we could only pick it! I wanted to make it through this weekend still pregnant because Dustin works tomorrow and my parents have been out of town for my sister's Nationals in NY since Thursday and they get home tomorrow. I mean we would love her to come when she is ready, but I think March 26 sounds good to me!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little Wednesday

We started our day off with a trip to the dentist. Maeta did so well and LOVED everything about it. Soren on the other hand had a pretty emotional time, but made it through!
After that, the Saari's came to pick us up for a little adventure! This is the last time Alicia and I can take all the kids in one car. Once this baby is born we will have to travel separately.
We took the kids to the Zoo. The boys had sooooooooooo much fun racing and laughing together.
And here are the girls (my kids didn't really bother looking at the camera I guess).
After we went to Java Train and had blue and pink ice cream!!!
I just posted this on Facebook but I thought it was so sweet. I heard a lot of talking in her room after I laid her down for the night and went to check on her once she was quiet, here is how I found her...
She talks about baby girl being born all day long. She shares her food with her, she scoots over in her car seat and tells me baby can sit with her! She is so excited and ready for this baby to come!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Some flashback favorites!

I was looking at some old pictures and decided to share a few of my favs. I love looking back at Soren and Maeta!
Soren (12 weeks) and I love how young Caleb (almost 2) looks!

Soren (5 months)
Soren (8 months)
Soren (15 weeks)
Soren (8 weeks) and I
Alicia and Soren (12 weeks)
Maeta (12 weeks)
Maeta (8 weeks)
Maeta (11 weeks)
Maeta (8 weeks) learning to smile
Maeta (8 months) her look totally changed!

Friday, March 16, 2012

What a wonderful gift this weather has been!

I found this idea off Pinterest...
We planted seed in the dirt and hopfully grass will start growing soon. On good Friday we will put Jesus in the tomb and on Easter Sunday the tomb will be empty, for He has Risen!
This morning we went to Stillwater to hang out with my Grandparents. Our kids love going to their house! G'ma Evie got snacks and we went walking to the lake to see ducks.
Maeta and Soren talk about this game with G'pa Dave all the time. They pull this binder and my G'pa pretends to fall backwards, the kids think it is soooo funny!
Later today we took the kids up to Taylors Falls to hike. It was the most beautiful day. 80 degrees in March!
Hopefully this is one of the last family pictures with baby girl inside. We hope she comes out soon as I am full term today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Record breaking day in March

We have soooooooooooooooo been enjoying these last few 70 degree days. What a blessing being able to walk all day outside it has been at the end of this pregnancy! We left the house this morning not sure of what our day would consist of and ended up enjoying a day full of: playing with friends, playing with cousins, walking to a park, Papa's house, ice cream, hockey with dad in the street, and running around in a diaper all day (Maeta, not me). We and everyone we saw were giddy with being able to enjoy being outside in March!
Rarely do I see myself so much in her as I do in this picture!
And he is so his dad!
When I saw this picture I had to bring up a picture I took two years ago of her (the one below this picture)
Same little girl just two years different!
Adoring her best friend Soren!
And here we are 1 day away from being full term.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March randoms...

March began celebrating our big 6 year old C-mister! We had such a fun time at his party!
G'ma Evie loving on her little Ruthie Evie!
Playing games...
Papa and his mini Alicia!
Musical chairs was a big hit!
Maeta, Lucy and Ruthann got to have a girls night downtown one Friday night while the boys had a Derby car race with the dads!
Saturday night we got to have a night with no kids with the Saari's to celebrate Alicia's 30th. It was such a fun night and I laughed so hard I can't believe my water didn't break! My parents had all 4 kids. Here they are at breakfast in the morning!
Playing in the 60ish degree weather on Sunday at my parents house!
Celebrating my sister. She turned 30 on Sunday and we love her so much. I am so blessed by her and thankful that I get to walk daily life beside her!
Maeta tries to be where ever Ruthann is!
Luke and Courtney brought their 7 week old lab for us to love on. He fell asleep in the stroller on our walk with Maeta!
Drinking Mother's Milk Tea...
Finishing up some sewing projects with the window open!
Count down has begun!
Pulled out the whites and greens for Spring...
Quiet times...