Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

It was so fun waking up this morning to a lot of snow. Especially since we could enjoy it and it was warm enough to play outside in! By 8:00 we had decided to venture out. My dad stopped by to say hi as the kids were getting all bundled up!
Maeta didn't last very long and watched from the window inside, but Soren and I had fun building a snowman!
We then came inside for their 1st ever hot chocolate. They thought it was pretty special!
After playing in the bathtub with bowls of snow we went to a play date. Later came home and built a fort in Maeta's crib. This is their new thing. I pull the night shade and cover them all up and they play for the longest time with toys and a lantern in their fort!
Dustin came home early and took Soren out to build another "better" snowman.
I had so much fun watching from the window because Soren's mouth barely stops moving when he is with Dustin. He talks his daddy's ear off and Dustin loves it!
Maeta and I made it out there to take a few pictures!
And the final product, pretty nice snowman!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our weekend...

This weekend we had our Alumni weekend for gymnastics. Sat. afternoon we got to go play at our old gym with the kids. Maeta loved watching the girls do floor routines (we each dance through our old one with the music) and aerobics. She pranced around and worked on her handstands! Soren loved the tramp and building forts to hide from the bad guys!
Besides dancing through my old routine, which every thought I looked quite hilarious doing, I got up on the beam and just walked. It was kind of scary not being able to see my feet and feeling so off balance!
Dustin had the kids the rest of the day while I went to the meet. Here is what they did! Dustin got them a bowling set and they had tournaments! After Dustin has them by himself for a day I always hear about how fun it is with Dad the next day!
Today after church we went to see G'ma and G'pa Williams. It was such a nice day out we even got to play outside. Soren loves to race the cars and fly the helicopters that G'pa has!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day & another wonderfully blessed birthday!

Our celebrations began Sat. morning with a brunch at my parents house. It was sooooo good! We had fun celebrating Valentine's Day...
and my birthday...
My mom always makes birthday's special even when you are turning 28! The kids have been working hard on their valentines...
We cut up crayons and melted them into a heart and glued them to other homemade valentines! Here is our valentine's day banner they have been working on too!
This morning we woke up early to begin the festivities! Dustin made heart shaped pancakes! Here are the kids at their table...
Alicia had us over for a Valentine's/B-day celebration this morning...
And now Dustin came home and the kids were actually napping and we enjoyed Dunn Bros coffees he brought home on the couch! The kids and him just left to go get Chinese food for dinner and I have an hour to myself! So I got another "fun" drink, a La Croix, and am sitting down to blog!
Thanks for making my day great everyone!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

32 Weeks

Today I hit 32 weeks. I always think of how I was put on bed rest this week with Soren. I couldn't work and they told me to stay laying on my left side ALL day except to get up and go to the bathroom. I also was on medication to prevent labor. I didn't follow the bed rest strictly, but thankfully he still made it until 37 weeks. I am just so thankful that my last two (this one and Maeta) have not started preterm labor, yet.
I am feeling really good lately. The doctor said she thinks she is sunny side up, which is not good when planning a natural, drug-free birth because it tends to be more painful and longer, but I have been trying different methods to turn her. I basically have been doing handstands, legs up on a couch, butt up and head down, and trying my hardest not to recline but instead always sitting upright, and sitting on a ball. We'll see if she turned at all at my next appointment. My mom had a sunny side up baby and they turned her baby while she was in labor, ouch!
The last few days I have surprisingly gotten more comfortable and it almost feels like baby is sideways, breech which isn't good, but I feel like there is a lot more room in there. I feel like baby is barely above my belly button so I have a lot of breathing and moving room still! But there is still 8 more weeks for baby to get big and move, Lord willing!
Please continue to pray for the safety of our baby and mostly for her salvation one day.
Here are the comparison pics...
Baby Girl, 32 weeks...
Maeta, 32 weeks...
Soren, 32 weeks (sorry about the bare belly)...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I got a few ideas from Pinterest lately and this past week I decided to try some of them. Here are a few of my creations in Maeta's room:
I did these ruffle curtains from this website:
This pillow was an idea off of Pinterest to go with the curtains...
And this mobile was another one...
I would LOVE to paint the walls in her bedroom to a very soft pink and gray (silver or gray stencil pattern type thing on one wall) but will wait until we are done renting to do that. So it will just have to be blue for now!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bedtime routine...

Looks like this these days...
Bath time playing. These two love to take baths, but mostly like to just turn cold water on and fill up toys, spit and drink the water...
The scream, as much as we try to get them not to, sorry neighbors, they do. They get all wound up from the cold water and laugh/scream their heads off!
Then they get out and run from room to room trying to avoid pj's. They are shivering cold due to MN Winter and an ice cold bath, but they love running around with nothing on!
Once pj'ed it is play time with daddy.
I usually sit in the room and watch because I feel like I'm missing out if I'm not there, but this is mostly daddy time.
Soren always has ideas on what to make believe or play. He does this all day with Maeta too. I love how he can constantly come up with something to play
Maeta usually just wants to fight (wrestle), show daddy her spins, or ride on his back...
Doctor time is usually nightly. The kids pretend to be "Dr. Mary" (our real doctor), but today Soren thought it was pretty cool to be called Dr. Williams!
And then it is to bed. Goodnight!