Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our weekend...

We had a nice quiet weekend here. We woke up and headed to breakfast at Keys and Sami was home so she came with us. The Saari clan came over in the afternoon for some play time. What a great auntie multitasking! She has Ruthann asleep on her lap while she plays Transformers with Soren!
Today we got to celebrate my college roommate and her soon to be daughter. Ashley and I are only 3 weeks apart and both having girls. I am so excited for Ashley to enter this new chapter of life. Here is a picture of an old roommate and new mom Kelly with her 4 month old son and Ashley!
And here we are at 27 weeks (is that right Ash?) and 30 weeks pregnant with our little ladies!
Ashley, you look beautiful and I am so excited to meet your little girl! It was fun seeing my high school girl friends too at the shower, sadly we didn't get a pic!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have been having a lot of craft days. Maeta has been very into Valentine's Day crafts because everything seems to be pink and purple. Soren basically just tries to make everything into a plane, sword, or rope type thing.
I have been working on this butterfly mobile for the baby. I saw it on pinterest and copied it. It actually looks pretty now that it is all done. Next on the list is sewing some curtains for Maeta's room! Girls, I need a sew club night!
Dustin upgraded my baby rocking chair to a ginormous, insanely comfortable recliner. I love it. The kids and I read so many books having that thing. They actually pretend they are tired just to be able to cuddle with me on it!
We got a mid week email from my mom asking what night she could watch the kids and we could go on a date. We jumped on that and tonight were blessed by my parents who picked the kids up after work, played with them, and brought them back to our house for us. We enjoyed dinner and a movie. We are so thankful for grandparents who love our kids. Thanks mom and dad for blessing us so much! Maeta found the Bitty Baby front carrier at my parents and brought it home. She walks around saying, "sh sh sh sh sh" and patting the baby's butt!
And finally, my preggo pic from last week. I am 30 weeks today!!!! Last stretch!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

BIG news!!!

It all starts with a frame, well technically not really, but the news is first shared this way. Back when we found out we were pregnant with Soren I decided to tell my family we were expecting with a 2 picture frame. The first slot had a picture of Caleb and the second slot had "I'm coming around Dec. 12" written on it. We left it out on my parents counter wrapped and when they opened it they had NO idea who was pregnant. They had thought it was Alicia again but we shocked them with the news we were having a "honeymoon" baby (our honeymoon was 8 months after our wedding). From then on my parents sweat a little bit when they see a new frame arrive. Lucy's announcement was a three framer, Maeta's a 4 framer, Ruthann a 5 framer and poor baby girl Williams didn't get a frame because for 1. we were down in North Carolina and my kids announced it to my parents with Big Brother, Big Sister shirts at the airport and 2. the bigger the frame the more expensive they were getting!
Well, here is the BIG NEWS. We were all at my parents the other weekend when Lucy walks in with a frame... Now with Alicia just having a baby a few days before, and me still pregnant, my parents were a bit stumped as to what the frame could mean, and it was only a 3 slot frame. However, on the top of the frame was "2012" with a picture of Ruthann in the first slot, my due date in the second (yeah baby girl Williams now has a frame), and September written in the 3rd...
Yes, Luke and Courtney really are having a "Honeymoon Baby" and we are all so thrilled for them!!! My parents are getting 3 grand babies in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their baby is due in Sept. just about 5 1/2 months after ours. They are so excited and we are all excited for them. I love that I get to announce this on Sanctity of Life Sunday! God is so good in blessing us with these new lives. We can't wait to meet little baby Opsahl and walk this journey with Luke and Courtney!
Here we are at 4/5 weeks, 28 weeks, and 5 days out of the womb...

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I know I have been posting a lot about newborns on here lately, but it is kind of what we are breathing at the moment and loving every bit of it! Today I got to take photos of Ruthann and the whole Saari clan. We even got some great ones of all 5 of them which was really exciting because getting three kids to look AND smile at the camera is a pretty big task for parents and photographers. However, the main show was little RuthieAnnieEvie, as I like to call her! Enjoy some of her sweetness, I sure did!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello 3rd trimester...

I'm sure I am consumed with baby thoughts because of baby Ruthann being born this week but all of a sudden I realized I am now in the 3rd trimester. Wow. That means baby isn't far away from making her appearance. However, I also know that this is a long trimester because you just get so excited to meet this little one. But I was looking at some pictures and just wanted to share some because they are so precious!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ruthann Evelyn...

She is so sweet and we instantly love her so much. Baby Ruthann Evelyn was born around 4:09 am Tuesday morning. Alicia did an all-natural labor which we are praising God for this blessing. It was such a better birth experience for her. Ruthann is such a little peanut, 6 lbs. 3 oz. My mom says she looks a lot like Alicia did as a baby. Fun for Alicia to have a little mini me! Here we all are entering the hospital with Nana and Papa on Tues. morn to visit the newest addition...
So little...
Today we got to be there when baby Ruthann came home from the hospital. Lucy couldn't wait to be the first one to hold her, so sweet...
Here is big brother Caleb with littlest sister, I love this picture...
Maeta talks about 'Roofann' all the time. She loves her so much...
Soren is pretty weirded out by the whole newborn belly button thing. He keeps asking if she still has that on her!
And baby Ruthann with younger baby girl cousin Williams...
I had such a precious time rocking the "three" littlest girls for a while...

Monday, January 9, 2012

A fun filled week...

Anything may have felt pampered after surviving the family flu but this past week was full of unexpected "fun" surprises. It began with a massage. Dustin had it all scheduled for me and everything. He came home early one day from work and told me to hit the salon for my massage. It was wonderful. They even had a table for when your pregnant so just laying on my stomach felt so good!
The next day we discovered Karate. Soren and Caleb joined and it was so cute to watch them!
The following day my mom and dad asked if they could have the kids for an evening. Dustin and I jumped on that and went out to dinner and the mall. I love a night out with my man!

Friday we enjoyed a play date at open gym with Alicia and Lucy...
Sat. Dustin took Soren to Karate and Maeta and I went on a coffee date. She felt so special!
We followed that with a trip to the Zoo!
Sunday we got to watch Samantha at her meet, see Luke and Courtney's new house and Alicia and I went for a girls night out with our old teammates!
Such a fun filled week! We also enjoyed playing outside this morning with friends and it was 45 degrees out!!!
Thankful for life's little blessings!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby girl

This is a picture of all the girls in our family. Baby girl is 27 weeks old right now and a crazy girl. My doctor said that just because they are wild in-utero doesn't mean they will be off the wall once born. This little girl has so much energy in there and I love it. She is moving around almost all day long! I can actually feel her fingers and elbows and heels. It is amazing!
Maeta and Soren talk about her all the time. Soren told me yesterday that I had to just finish up all the doctor appointments so I could go to the hospital and have her! They really want her to join us soon! Hopefully she will keep cooking for at least another 10 weeks! Maeta always talks to my belly and kisses and hugs it. Then she hits it and asks if that was too hard!
Praising God for these little lives that we are entrusted with to encourage to follow Him.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Where do I begin with my first daughter... I think I might just need to do a bullet list for her because there are so many new aspects to her personality. Here we go...
* You LOVE activity. You love yourself a party or anything social. However, you don't need to be the center of attention. If you are, you like it, but basically you just like to do your thing and if someone wants to join you that's great! In your opinion, the busier we are the better.
* You talk a lot. I don't think you really ever stop. From the minute you get up to the min. you go down to bed you are 110%. You are FUN.
* Pink, purple, Bell (from Beauty and the Beast), babies, and little trinkets. That is what you love to do right now. You have many bags and containers that you transfer your little trinkets to and from all day long.
* You like the idea of books but only listen to about the 1st page and then you are up pretending something. You like me to read to Bell instead of you.
* Treats! Snacks! Anything that can fit into a bag or little bowl you like to always have with you. Oh and gum. You go through a lot of gum.
* You adore playing with Soren.
* And love the attention Lucy gives you!
* You love to practice gymnastics. You always ask when your next practice is!
* You love mommy when going to bed. Your bedtime routine goes like this: put all your trinkets to bed by lining them all up face down in your room after you kiss each one good night. You put your baby to bed and ask me to sing her Jesus Loves Me. Then we cuddle while I pray over you and sing you Jesus Loves Me. I lay you down on your tummy and put your pink blanket over you but not covering your feet. You spas out if the blanket touches your feet!
* You are trying to give up your naps already. You only nap about 2 times a week :(
* You like the idea of wearing princess underwear but aren't totally interested in potty training yet.
Maeta, we love to just sit and watch you. You are so creative, passionate, and sweet. I am so glad to have you as a daughter!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I realized the other day that I have so many journals to try to help me remember life right now, and I look back on these journals very often and enjoy them so much. But the journal I look back on the most is this blog. If I need to remember a certain thing from a certain time, I come on here and take a look back on the archives. With that said, I have been terrible at documenting what the kids have been up to lately. And as much as I am trying to take every moment in, I know I won't remember everything. So the next few blog posts will be about the kids. Here is Soren right now...
He is a new 4 year old, who wants to be 5, but NOT 6 yet. I don't know why he is so against being 6??? He is my cuddler. Often asks to be held or to sit by me and rub my arm. He is a tender hearted little boy. He is smart and loves to learn. When we have school he is very eager. He enjoys writing right now, tracing letters and trying to write them on his own. He enjoys a quiet day at home, but also loves to get together with friends. He really enjoys Maeta as a playmate, especially when she goes along with all his ideas.
Soren still loves to play Cars, Trains, Transformers, and fighting bad guys...
He loves to pretend to protect us girls, Maeta and me, around the house from all the bad guys. He fights dragons, the Beast, and monsters with his sword...
Soren still enjoys sleeping in our bed...
He is very outgoing with people he feels very close to, and is shy when asked to do something new.
Soren, you melt your mama's heart daily. Your daddy is so proud of you and we both see ourselves in you often. You have been very excited about the snow since moving back from NC. However, you want the snow but not the cold wind that goes with it.
We love you dear Soren and love the kindness you show your sisters. You love to take care of us all and love big.