Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Oct. weekend at the Cabin...

The other weekend we enjoyed being up at Krech's cabin. We got there Friday night and stayed through Sun. The kids get so excited to be up there.
Enjoying how bright the stars were out on the dock.
Maeta and Lucy played Ring-around-the -Rosie most the weekend!
We weren't all together (our family was still in NC) for Lucy and Maeta's birthdays. So on Sat. morning we celebrated this 3 year old and 2 year old.
All the kids got a Transformer so that there wasn't any fighting. Good thinking Nana!
My dad and Luke went hunting and got a bird.
Caleb loved it tenderly before it was gutted! He hugged it and tried to make it fly again!
Nick led Gatorade School (the kids get a sip of Gatorade when they get a question right) for all the kids!
We played beanbags!
The boys got to shoot the gun. I think Soren would cover his ears when it was time to shoot instead of holding the gun!
Nana led dance class. I think I might have to put Maeta in dance because she listened so closely and LOVES when Nana does dance with her.
We enjoyed such a beautiful day up there. We were outside most of the day.
We had a shooting contest, which I took 3rd place in!
The kids sat quietly like this most of the time inside! JUST KIDDING, this was a rare moment that lasted about 30 seconds!
Thank you Paul and Carolyn for once again letting us enjoy your beautiful cabin. We always have such a great time and are so blessed by our time up there.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A glimpse into our life right now...

We have been enjoying our days of getting back on a routine, playing, and seeing friends we haven't seen in a while. The kids and I have both loved having often play dates!
Here is just a little of what we have been doing the last two weeks (totally random post here)...
Dress shopping for the upcoming wedding...
My 16.5 week belly picture. I am now 17.5 weeks and the countdown is on for our big 20 week ultrasound which is scheduled for Nov. 18! The baby started kicking at 16 weeks and now seems to be doing somersaults in there! I love feeling it move. It is a constant reminder to Praise God!
We (they) had fun on rides at MOA...
Maeta had fun too...
Maeta getting her first hair cut. Before pic...
She was so serious the whole time about holding her purse and applying her lip gloss...
The kids have been loving playing outside. Soren helps my dad cut wood and stack it! He also asks for bonfires daily!
Maeta loves being doted on by Elle!
One Thursday afternoon my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins came over for a fun Fall bonfire and playing afternoon.
We love seeing baby Ashton!
I got my camera back and found about 100 pictures of Ashton on it that Soren had taken!
Maeta wanted to try all the baby toys!
Soren joined Lucy's gymnastics class and loves it!
We also enjoyed a weekend up North at Krech's cabin which I will get pictures up soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're back in MN...

We left around 5:30am on Tuesday morning for the long journey back to MN. The kids rode the whole way in my van with just me because Dustin's truck was filled to the brim. Mine was too but we left two little spots just big enough for their bodies!
We stopped two nights. The second night we thought about just pushing through the last 5 hours but we had already driven so long we just couldn't. We had to stop two times to fix alternators but other than that we had a very smooth sailing trip. I was so grateful for a husband who thinks quick and knows how to work on trucks. We were driving at dusk the first day and he noticed something was weird so he didn't stop his truck anywhere he pulled right into a hotel just in case there was a problem and the second we got there the his truck wouldn't work anymore. We were so thankful for God's wisdom in Dustin for this. We would have hated to get stuck on the highway with a truck and trailer and two little kids at night. Dustin then took my van, while the rest of us were all snuggled in our hotel beds, to the store to buy a new alternator and fixed it right in the hotel parking lot. He was done in about an hour and sound asleep with us! The next day he noticed that the alternator was the wrong size and almost wore through his belt so he again changed both of these right in the nick of time. Thank you for all your prayers for safety upon us!
We got in around 2pm on Thursday and were happily greeted by my parents and the Saari's at the mini storage where we put all our stuff.
The kids jumped right into playing with their cousins. They were so excited to see them! Friday we got all settled into my parent's house and rested.
Saturday we enjoyed the pumpkin patch...
I got to visit with Mattie (who just got married) and Jess. We laughed soooooooo hard, it felt so good!
And that night I got to go to my friend's engagement party/house warming party. Jenna and Nate bought a beautiful home and I can't wait for all the wedding festivities to begin! Thanks Jenna and Nate for having us over! It was so much fun catching up with all these friends too. Dustin missed out because he was having a fun time up North at my brother Luke's bachelor party. But here are some girls at the party!
I will try to get better at blogging again. We have been pretty busy and tired these last few days being back. Thanks again for all your prayers!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good-bye North Carolina

Tomorrow we set sail again for another journey. Dustin and I will drive our kids and all our belongings back to Minnesota. We are so grateful for our time in North Carolina and had a wonderful time. But it is time we say good-bye to the beach and head back. We will miss Sue, Ward, Maggie and Cassie, the beach, and all the wonderful memories of our time here. We loved this little journey but are thankful to head back to all those we love in MN.
Please pray God's protection upon our family as we drive back. We will see you soon MN!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrating 2 years of Maeta!

She melts me. I still can't believe that I would be blessed with something so precious. The mercy of God pours down on me through this little doll. I am totally in love and can't get enough of her.
Mae Bell, Maeta Poo, Mae Mae, Maetabell, are all names she is often called.
She woke up so excited to celebrate. She had to figure out how to get two fingers up which she dominated by the end of breakfast! She kept singing Happy Birthday to Mae Bell! Here she is with her birthday pancakes.
And presents followed immediately after breakfast! Both G'ma & G'pa Williams and Nana & Papa Opsahl were so kind to send packages in the mail. She felt very special!
She got a lot of lip gloss and rings. She has been putting on the lip gloss/eating it every since.
A picture of her at 10:18 am, 2011 exactly 2 years since her birth!
Maeta last year at 10:18 am, 2010
Maeta's birth at 10:18 am, 2009
Excited to go to Sue and Wards for more celebrating! She also insisted on wearing this. First time she really gave me much opinion about the topic!
Here she is with her "Cup" cake. Cup is her favorite transformer (she is holding him in her hand).
She couldn't wait for the candles to be lit and she just plunged her face into the cake and came up laughing so hard.
More presents to open...
They were so kind to get Soren a present too. Here is a Transformer costume he is in...
We had such a great time celebrating our little girl. She is such a gift to us.
Maeta, we continue to pray that you will some day come to know Christ as your Savior and glorify Him in all you do. We love you!