Friday, September 30, 2011


Sept. 30: Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy Jo! We will be thinking about you all day and hoping you have a fun party tonight!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 29th Dustin!

Dustin turned 29 yesterday and we had so much fun celebrating his life. We began with Birthday pancakes (with the birthday boy not in the picture)...
And presents had to get opened before it was 8am!
I brought the kids to the store so they could pick out thier own presents for daddy. Here is what he got from them: a reindeer nose and glow sticks!
In the evening Sue and Ward planned to have a limo pick us all up and take us to Myrtle for dinner. Dustin was really surprised...
The kids loved the limo!
We thought it was fun too!
We went to such a great restaurant with unlimited food. They just kept bringing it around and you could have as much as you could handle...
And a birthday song! Thank you Sue and Ward for taking us out for such a great night. Dustin felt very special!
Dustin, we are so thankful for your life. I pray that God would do big things in your life this year for His glory. You are such a kind and funny man. I love you so much!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


5:00 pm: Luggage, my skirts, beach towels= trying to keep picture frames more safe than they were on the move down here. Packing has begun.
*I realized from the comments on my last post that I have not told my blog that we are moving back to MN. After much talking Dustin and I felt led back to our roots in MN. We had a wonderful experience down here and loved it, but are also excited to return to everyone we love back home. We will miss the family we have down here and the beach greatly though.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Good-bye couch that won't fit in the trailer moving back to MN...
Hello make-shift couch for the next 3 weeks!

Friday, September 23, 2011


2:00 pm: My boys walking down the street!

12 Weeks!

I love hitting 12 weeks, and feel so blessed for this little one growing in me. I am feeling sooooo much better sickness wise. I still get a bit sick in the evenings and am very tired, but this is so much better than a few weeks ago! We all 4 think this baby is a boy, but for some reason Soren changed his mind yesterday to thinking it is a girl. We still can't decide if we should find out the gender in 8 weeks or not. Dustin says he doesn't care either way and some days I think for sure we will find out and then other days I think NO WAY. We have done it both ways and love them both. I am leaning more toward finding out. But we shall see. It might come down to the day! We have a girl name picked out (we considered it for Maeta too but chose to go with her name instead). Should I share it???? Ok, I will. Pretty sure her name will be Selah ______. I thought Selah Belle would be so sweet but after saying it over and over I started singing, "Sleigh bells ring are you listening." So it won't be Selah Belle anymore. But I still LOVE Selah. It means to pause and reflect on God's word. For a boy we have two names right now that I like and have not shared them with anyone yet. I don't know if we will. Anyways, please continue to pray for this little babe of ours. We love him/her so much already!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A date with my first born

Two nights ago Soren came running out of bed and said, "Mommy, can I take you on a date?" Talk about melting a mama's heart! I told him I would love to. He said he either wanted to go to the movies or to a restaurant to get Mac-n-cheese. So tonight we got dressed up and he and I went out to Chilli's. He was so cute and I loved our time talking together. I thank God so much for moments like these. He even held my hand going in and out of the restaurant.
Here we are before heading out (I promise he was really giddy about going, I don't know why he posed this way for the picture)...
Here he is waiting to head out...
And here he is with his special pop...
And the results of the pop are shown in this video here. He was dancing so funny!!!

Soren, thank you for taking me out tonight. I love you so much and am thankful for out time together.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


1:30 pm: We went and saw this incredible tree today. It was very neat viewing something that was alive when Christ was walking this Earth. I loved the sign!
It had so many things growing on it. Even some Cactus's.

Monday, September 19, 2011


10:30 am: More crafts
*Funny side note: We have been trying to do school and a workout a couple times a week for the kids. So after this picture they asked if it was gymnastics time yet. So we had practice. At the end of practice I make them do sprints (which they actually love and ask to do this all day!) but at the end of sprinting I hear Soren yell, "I think I'm going to throw-up," and Maeta ran to the toilet and pretended to throw-up! Oops, my have allowed them to do too many sprints! It was pretty funny! But they were right back to asking for more running after a drink of water!

Our weekend...

Saturday it was another beautifully semi cool day. We enjoyed a hike...
This isn't the greatest photo but notice Soren's hat...
Same one as in this 10 month old Soren photoshoot...
After our hike we went to Maggie's soccer game and over to their house for dinner in the evening. We had a wonderful time!
On Sunday, Dustin and Sue had to work an event at the Children's Museum called, "Tiaras and Treasures," which meant we, along with Maggie and Cassie got to go too. It was a lot of fun. Here is Maeta all dressed up in her princess attire...
And Soren as a Pirate ready to find the treasure...
Maeta at one of the stations getting glitterized and made-up...
We had a great time going to work with dad!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall has hit the south!

I have been looking forward to today because the weather man said it was suppose to be 70 degrees. It has still hit 90 almost daily so I was so looking forward to some Fall weather. I bought chili ingredients and got my Fall candles out all in preparation for today. This morning Dustin and I ran outside just to feel it, sure enough it was cold and crisp and we did a little pj happy dance on our porch! Look how happy we are!
We pulled out the sweaters and went for a nature hike. This kids and I have been doing this a lot lately because we have some pretty fun nature paths in the woods by us. I finally put my fear of life threatening snakes behind me and ventured out. The kids love it. Our neighbor kids came out today and the boys protected the girls by getting all the "bad guys."
On one of the paths there is a stairway up a big hill. It is a pretty awesome "king of the hill" hill.
Here is some cute ones of Maeta, or Maeta-bell/Maeta-poo as she now refers to herself.
In all my happiness over Fall and feeling much much much better pregnancy wise for the last 2 days, I was so sad today missing out on a great friend's wedding. I actually cried around the time when I knew the ceremony was taking place because I was so sad missing it. Mattie and I went to club gymnastics all growing up and I love her dearly. Mattie, I pray many blessings upon you and Vince in your marriage and I can't wait for the next time I get to see you!


1:30: We categorized all 55 of his cars today!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


11:30 am: School work!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pics from our trip home

I finally got my new camera and was able to download our pictures from MN. My camera broke on day 3 of our trip so I don't have many photos but here are a few.
The kids trying to sleep on our 5:30 am flight...
Cousin reunion...
Nana and Papa reunion...
The kids meeting and loving Katniss...
A fun Twins game with Nikki...
And the rest of the Williams clan...
Enjoying a pool day at G'ma and G'pa's house with all their cousins (from both sides)...
I love this picture because Soren and Maeta have all three of their cousins in this picture. Only missing the two (1 cousin, 1 sister/brother) in-utero!
Getting some Ashton lovin time...
G.G. with 4 out of 5 great grandchildren...
Maeta getting Papa to do whatever she wants!...


8:30 pm: The boys outside making bookmarks out of wood!

New Camera

I got my new camera today so I will try to be better at taking pictures! Sorry I have been so boring lately! I just have to say that Costco and Canon have been very good to me this year. I am on my 3rd camera in the last 9 months (I keep getting beach sand stuck in the lens) and they just keep replacing it with a new one!!! catching up posts coming!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just a list...

* I am so sick
* Dustin has been the world's best daddy and husband. He has served us non-stop since I have been of no use at all.
* Maeta is one of the most crazy, funny, and determined people I know.
* Soren loves to talk about transformers right now.
* Maeta copies everything Soren says, therefore she talks non-stop about transformers too.
* I have been reading some great books this Summer, thanks to Alicia for either mailing them to me or telling me to read them. I think I will do a post soon on them to give people a list of great books to read.
* Soren just called me Throw-up girl :(
* I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and not trying to complain about being sick because I am VERY thankful for it!
* We went to the beach today, there are a lot more shells then before Irene, but that is about the only difference.
* I did 3 photoshoots when I was back in MN and had such a great time! I miss doing them. They all 3 turned out really great too. Still working on getting them all edited!
* Maeta wants to have a transformers birthday party but Soren told her she needed to have a princess party. She told him NO, that she wanted a Cup (he is her favorite transformer) party.
* Soren has his birthday parties all lined up for a few years out!
* So looking forward to my Courtney and my brother's wedding. Courtney and Luke are such a neat couple.
* I am also excited for my new niece to be born. If you didn't see her gender reveal check it out here. I think we will have to do some type of party for ours too because that was such a blast finding out with Alicia and Nick!
* D.L. is put on hold because I broke my small camera, therefore I don't take nearly enough pictures everyday. And because I don't have motivation or energy to plug in a camera to my computer. Sad, but true.
* When I can't sleep I visualize my old bar routine. It usually does the trick and puts me right to sleep except for last night when I went through many old routines and memories.
* Maeta ate her dinner tonight. This rarely happens lately and was a very big deal. Ice cream was used as a bribe.
* We all 4 napped for almost 3 hours today.
* We have a girl name we love but are really struggling on a boy name. Would love suggestions!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

He loves him...

We just spent a week away from daddy and now Soren has not left his daddy's side. Literally needs to be touching him at all times! It melts me, how much my little man loves my man! Besides being totally into Dustin's old transformers that he pulled out of his keepsake bin, Dustin also pulled out this old costume. His grandma made him this, and Soren loves it!