Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Fun Weekend Continued...

Friday night we went for a picnic at Como Park with my family. It was the perfect night for playing outside at a park!
After our picnic and park playing, we went to Como Town for some rides. Caleb has been talking about getting to go to Como Town for Nana's birthday for a long time. He is the event planner for all birthdays. He planned Chuck E Cheese for Papa's birthday and Como Town for Nana's birthday! Luke's Birthday is next, I wonder what Caleb will plan!
Saturday and Sunday Dustin has had to work so the kids and I spent it at my parents house. We have been enjoying the pool very much! Soren swam so well. Last year he was a bit nervous swimming but he did great this weekend. Maeta also loved the water. She was laughing so hard at Soren splashing her.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Soren's Boat and Maeta Swimming

Since Dustin had the day off of work on Friday and has to work all weekend, we decided to find some water and play. We went over to the Williams's house and hung out for the morning.

Soren and his Grandpa both have a love for remote-control toys. Today they had fun driving a boat all around the pool.
Soren was so serious the whole time driving the boat. But had so much fun.
I love the age these two are at. They just melt me!
Maeta enjoying the shade with Grandma.
This penguin is really hard to balance on. I tried sitting like Soren here, and tipped right over.
This is the first time Maeta has worn a swimming suit.
And she loved her first time swimming.
Have I mentioned on here before that I love Summer? Ha!!!

Camping out in our yard!

Dustin came home from work yesterday and decided that he wanted to take Soren camping. They ventured out into the wilderness of our yard! They put the tent up in the yard and the fire pit in the driveway!
Maeta loved playing in the tent because it kept the sun away to little! Soren thought it was so cool. He kept yelling to any neighbor that came by, "hey, look at my tunnel." I kept telling him that it is a tent but he wanted to call it a tunnel.
He helped Dustin get their bed all ready. They talked and giggled about how they were going to sleep under the stars.
Enjoying smores by the bon fire.
Making sure the flashlight works so they don't get scared.
I left them all excited and ready for their big night out in the tent...
Only to find them back inside about 3 minutes later. Soren got a little scared and kept asking to go inside!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Maeta reminded me of Pebbles today!
She even had a spunky little personality to go with her look.
She says "Yeah" and claps all day long!!

Good to have you home...

Luke and Sami!
They both are done with school for the year and moved back home! My kids and myself couldn't be happier. Luke and Sami play so well with Soren and Maeta. The first night Luke was home Caleb and Soren didn't leave him alone! Sami got home Tuesday night and by 9:30 Wednesday morning she was at our house ready for the beach! When she is with Soren doesn't want me to do anything. Sami has to buckle him into the car seat, push the stroller, play, and hold him! They are such fun playmates!

Monday, May 24, 2010

She's not 50 Yet Surprise Party

This past weekend my family threw my mom a 49th surprise birthday party. It was so much fun to do for her. She loves a party and is always giving to others and celebrating others. So we decided that she needed a party thrown to celebrate her. I don't know how we pulled a surprise over her but we did. I really don't think she had a clue it was coming! My dad did such a great job getting us the secret information we needed. When both parents work from the home it is really hard to get things without mom knowing. I called the house so many times hoping to get my dad but having mom answer and needing to quickly think of some random reason I was calling! Ha! Well here is some pictures from our great night...

The Surprise...
Judy was key in getting my reluctant mother out of the house for the day. My mom was very unwilling to leave on Saturday but Judy did a great job of keeping mom busy with nails and getting together with the other WG's (or Yaya's as I call them). Thank you Judy for helping us out so much. You had a tough job keeping a secret for the entire day and did a fabulous job!
My mom was in so much shock she could barely get enough breathe to blow out her candles!
There were so many family and friends who came to help celebrate my mom. She was so blessed by so many close and dear friends. Thanks everyone for helping us make this night special for my mom!
It was so nice to have all of us kids back under the same rough again. It has been months since that has happened. Luke came back the night before from South Africa where he was studying abroad for the past semester and Sam came just minutes before my mom's arrival after finishing a College final that afternoon.
We celebrated the night away, but one of my favorite parts of the party was the music...
My good friend Andrea and her dad sing together and are so talented. They did such an awesome job and certainly set the mood of celebration to the night. Thank you Jeff and Andrea for blessing us all night. You were awesome! Here is Dad and Mom enjoying the music...
My grandparents never let a chance to dance slip by...
And here are just a few details from the party...
Thank you everyone who helped us make this night special for my mom. We had a lot of help and are very thankful to everyone! And mom, we love you so much and hope that you felt loved. It is so much fun to celebrate such a wonderful lady. Love you!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little taste of Summer...

Ahh... Feels so good after a long cold Winter!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I love getting to meet my mom on a nice Spring day and picking out our flowers. This is such a big treat to me. My mom helps me decide what flowers will look well together and I usually end up just copying whatever she does.
So this morning I put Maeta in her tulip dress and we headed out to the green house. Soren was a big helper...
I feel like Soren and I bond over taking care of our flowers. Last Summer he helped me water them every day and I would catch him sometimes just sitting in front of the flowers admiring them as I often do. He couldn't wait to get home and look at all the flowers we got!