Friday, October 30, 2009

What a wonderful Maker

As I sit here and rock little Maeta I have "What a Wonderful Maker" playing in the background and am filled with so much awe of our Creator.  It is moments like these that I understand God has a plan.  He knew of Maeta's life before I even took my first breath.  He knew the precious blessing He was giving to me when I was going through the pain of loosing a baby.  And right now, all the questions about our life, what job are we going to have, how am I going to survive another night with no sleep, concerns about family and friends, WILL NOT have authority over me through worry, because if God take's care of the birds of the air He WILL take care of me and those I love.  He has given me peace this moment through the life of little Maeta, and I pray that when I become anxious His word will fill me and help me to trust HIS plan.  Thank you Lord for this moment of peace and the life of this little girl.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1st Week with Maeta

The first week home with Maeta went very smooth.  It is so precious having a newborn in the house again.  I have to admit though, much more tiring than only having 1 baby that you lay on the couch with all day and sleep in until 10:00!  Maeta is on a three hour schedule of eating, up time, and sleeping.  This week was filled with visitors and precious moments like cuddling with two babies right after nap time!!!

My mom was gracious to help me out the first two days Dustin went back to work...

Maeta in her usual state: sleeping!

Soren doting on his little sis...

Figuring out how to manage two kids...

Dustin came home with a mini van for me!!! 

Maeta meeting her friend Auden...

Just enjoying her...

Family Pictures

Alicia blessed us so much by capturing our family through pictures when Maeta was 1 week old.  I love having these photos that capture how small and beautiful little Maeta is, and how loving Soren is toward her.  

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome Maeta Sharon

Maeta Sharon
October 8th, 2009
10:18 am
7 lbs. 14 oz.
20 in.

We have a daughter. I can't believe it. My heart is so full when I look into the faces of both Soren and Maeta.

The Birth Story:
Woke up to what I thought was my water leaking. Called my mom, she came and stayed with Soren while Dustin and I arrived at the hospital at 4:45 am praying that if this wasn't the beginning of labor, they would induce me. Turns out, it wasn't my water leaking, but thank goodness I was contracting enough for them to decide and keep me. They broke my water at 6 am and contractions were still pretty slight and far apart. Around 8:30 they picked up, and by 9:00 I was in intense labor. Started pushing around 10:10 am, and she was born at 10:18 am.

We had a great stay at the hospital and enjoyed family coming to visit. Soren loves his baby sister. He always wants to hold her. He says, "I try" for everything. He also can't understand why the baby always wants to bite mommy (nursing).

Maeta has been adjusting well to home. She is on a 3 hr. schedule right now. I am not adjusting very well to the no sleep, but I'm sure I will get use to it soon. I love at night when it is just Maeta and I having quiet time together. What a precious bonding time.

We think Maeta is a good combination of both Dustin and I. As of now we think she has my eyes and cheeks, Dustin's hair and chin, and my mom's nose! She does not have my feet, which we are very excited about. This girl is going to get to wear high heels!!!

Right after Maeta was born...

Being a family of four...

Enjoying our hospital stay...

Maeta meeting the rest of her family...

Nana, and her name sake


Aunt Alicia and Lucy

Uncle Luke

Aunt Sami

Uncle Drew and Aunt Nikki

Cousins: Caleb and Lucy

Great Grandma Evie Mae (my middle name Mae is after her and my dad's grandma Mae and Maeta is after Mae)

Going Home...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall so far!!

I would like to introduce you to my husband: Dustin Williams RKC
That is right, he is officially an RKC instructor and I am very proud of his hard work.  A few weekends ago he did the RKC certification and passed.  He has been working on Kettlebells for 3+ years now and worked intensively for almost a year to pass this test.  It was a four day ordeal where he basically puked his guts out (although he was one who didn't actually puke) from 8 am-7pm.  The trainers were so impressed with his form and strength and have really taken him under their wings to help him get Wrought Iron Kettlebells (Dustin's company) going.  You can visit to learn more.  

Soren and I went to the Apple Orchard with Nana, Alicia, Caleb, and Lucy and had a great time playing on the tractors, watching the apples get washed, picking apples, eating apple doughnuts, and just playing in the rain.

Dustin turned 27 years old this year.  We got to have a great dinner at Tria while my mom watched Soren for us.  We followed dinner up with a long power walk in hopes to induce labor but it didn't work.
Little Lucy Jo turned 1!!!  We enjoyed her birthday party.  She is the cutest little thing ever and is all about having fun.

I never thought I would be here but here I am: 39 weeks pregnant.  I have semi stopped trying to induce my own labor starting today because I have been working on getting this little one out so hard that I can no longer walk pain-free.  I am going to try "just letting it happen" for a couple days and see where that gets us!!  All in God's timing, right!