Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A beautiful walk in June

I have not tried a photo shoot of Soren in about 6 months.  So on our walk I thought I would try to grab a few.  Even though I couldn't get him to look at the camara, I think I caught the joy that our little boy is filled with.  Here is Soren at 19 months.  

Dustin also tried to get a few of Soren and mommy.  I am 25 weeks pregnant right now.  The baby had a huge growth spurt last week.  At least I tell myself the baby grew a lot although it could have just been me!!

Soren was laughing so hard at daddy.  

What a precious 19 month old we have.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Todays workout...

Dustin added to his stock of Kettle-bells today with what is called "the BEAST."  It is 48 KG and I couldn't even lift it up.  I forget how to convert KG into LBS but it is a lot of weight.  I couldn't believe that Dustin can swing the thing.
If you need a comparison to how big this thing really is, take a look at it next to MY 14 pounder!

Soren also had his workout with his daddy.  He chalks up his hands and puffs his breath just like Dustin does.




This is the light one for Soren, my 14 pounder.  He can lift the 26 pounder as mentioned in a previous post!

Pull-ups followed in todays workout...

and when he was done he had to flex his muscles...

Anyone else ready to come to Dustin's gym?!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I've mentioned a little bit about how wonderful my mom is, now it's time for me to write about what an amazing earthly father I have.  Many people can't understand our Heavenly Father's love because they don't see a "father" role-modeled appropriately.  I was blessed with a dad that modeled God's love daily.  My dad is so honest and joyful.  He doesn't find his joy in "things" but finds it in Jesus Christ and the blessings Christ has given him through faith.  He daily leads our family to understand the beauty that comes in God's mercy and love.  My dad is forgiving and even ASKS for forgiveness.  He is such a wonderful example of what my Heavenly Father is like.  Thank you dad for this most important gift I could ever get in life.
My dad is also one of the most loving people you'll meet.  My friends still talk about how good my dad made them feel when they were around.  He always loves having his family around.  Growing up he would hunt us down to give us a kiss.  Now, if he hears the sound of a little boys voice he comes running to see which grandchild is there to play.  Soren loves his Papa.  When we get into the car he always says "Papa, Papa" because he wants to go play at Papa's house so badly.  When we were kids we couldn't wait for dad to get home from work because he would play ALL night long.  We were just talking about all the games dad made up, some of which are: Alligator, wrestle pit, About-face, Terbies Car, shoulder game directing head, and the list goes on and on.  We would laugh so hard every night.  
I love love you dad, and I am so blessed to have you as my daddy!! 

And to my wonderful Husband, you have blown me away with what a great dad you have been to our little boy.  I love how much you adore him and how he adores his daddy.  From the moment he was born you have amazed me at what a natural dad you are.  Soren can not wait for you to get home from work to play.  I love watching the two of you play hockey outside, or sit by the gutter and talk, or the way you read him a story and he laughs so hard at the voices you make up.  You have made me feel so treasured as a mom and you have been so encouraging to me during this new role.  I LOVE you as a dad.  You are so good to Soren and teach him so much.  Thank you for loving being a dad.  I can't wait to see you with another little baby.  I love you.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Catch-Up!!

We are enjoying summer and the nice weather that comes with it very much.  We celebrated my mom's birthday at a park after church on a beautiful Sunday.  The two boys had so much fun playing in the lake and the sand.  

We then got to see more family the next day as we celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday.  Soren was so good at dinner.  We had a great time!!  Look at how young and happy both of Soren's grandmas are.  He is blessed.  

We followed those celebrations with severe cases of the flu.  This nasty bug landed both Soren and myself in the Hospital to get some fluids pumped back into us.  It feels so good to be back to normal!
This pretty little girl graduated from High School.  Way to go Sam!  Not only is she the cutest girl I have ever met, she bounces daily with JOY.  Samantha is so fun to be around.  I know she is going to have a blast in this next chapter of her life.  My mom threw a gorgeous grad party for her.  

Once the comotion of graduation and the flu settled down Soren and Caleb enjoyed a pool day at Nana and Papa's house.  I don't think they stopped laughing the entire time we were there.  
Look at how much they love their Nana.

We followed that with more swimming...
...and finally my 23 week pregnancy shot!!  I am feeling great.  I think I just popped out a bit.  I love this stage of being pregnant!!