Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

(Maeta 2 months, Soren 2 years)

Christmas #1
(The Opsahl's)

We began our Christmas celebration at my parent's house.  We had a wonderful time celebrating our Savior's birth through fellowship together.  We woke up to a beautiful snowfall.  I tried hard to get Soren to go sledding but all he would do is sit on Nana's lap and watch everyone else.  We played, we sledded, we made pizza (which I didn't end up helping with at all) we took Christmas pictures, we ate, we read and reenacted Christ's birth, we opened presents, we tried to get kids to bed, and we laughed!!  It was a great time.

In the morning Santa came and brought more presents!!!

I love Christmas at home!

Christmas #2
(The Williams)
The next evening we went to Dustin's parents house.  We had great food, played with more toys, and opened more presents!!  Soren got a tractor from his aunt Nikki and uncle Drew which although he thinks it is pretty cool he is still a little hesitant towards it.

Christmas #3
The next morning we woke up in our own bed (yes all of us in 1 bed, Maeta didn't come in till morning!) and had our Christmas.  We ate cinnamon roles, lit the last advent candle, opened more presents, and played some more!!

Christmas #4
After our Christmas we went to Dustin's aunt and uncle's house for the Olmschenk celebration.  Soren wanted to play the whole time in the basement on the pool table so Dustin and I traded off playing down there with him and socializing with everyone else.  

Christmas # 5
On Saturday we packed up the car and headed out on the icey roads to Duluth.  It took us double the time to get up there.  We enjoyed seeing the Opsahl side of the family.  And the kids loved all the toys at the Carlson house (they have 3 boys!!!).  

Christmas #6
Sunday was our last Christmas celebration of 2009.  We ventured over to Stillwater to the Borg side.  It was so much fun seeing Linzy and catching up with her and the rest of the family.  Soren had so much fun playing with "Tade" (Cade).  Dustin and I didn't see him for about 2 hours because he had so much fun.  That night laying in bed all he could talk about and pray for was Cade!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

For my new friend baby Liv!

Maeta made a new friend, baby Liv.  Olivia was born on Dec. 5th and Maeta got to meet her when she was only 6 days old during a photo shoot!  Liv had on the most adorable tutu and then let me snap some photos of Maeta in her little pink tutu!  It was so much fun!  Thanks Liv for already being good at sharing with Maeta.  Here are some tutu pictures of Maeta at 2 months...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We are freezing!!!  I'm not sure I am ready for winter... it has only been a few days of cold cold weather and we are not enjoying it.  I tried taking Soren  out to play in the snow and he did not like the whole mittens, hat, snow pants, and boots thing.  We made it about 3 mins and had to come back in.  Don't let these cute photos fool you, he was not a happy camper!!

So we are all four cuddling up in bed, reading books, and trying to stay warm!!

Maeta doesn't seem to mind... isn't she cute!

We did discover open gym at a local gymnastics club with Alicia, Caleb, and little miss Mary Lou Retton (aka: Lucy)!  Lucy was so funny, she had the entire gym watching her own the place.  She did seat drops on every single mat in the place.  She is a true gymnast at heart.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Maeta makes me laugh!

Does she not look almost identical to the little pig on her outfit.  The way her nose is in the air, her chubby checks, and the bow in her hair looks like the pig's ears...I have just been cracking up at this!

And her little, I mean, huge smile is so darn cute.  She opens her entire mouth and usually even scrunches up her nose and her left eye.